Hrithik Roshan comes back after two and a half years on the silver screen. The last time he was constantly in news was when the entire controversy with Kangana Ranaut was in full swing. But now, he’s back, and that too with a bang.

But soon after the “SUPER 30” Trailer dropped netizens trolled the dialogues of Trailer and Hrithik brown face and Bihari accent.

Meanwhile, Social media was enjoying these memes Hrithik again surprised his fans by his new movie “War teaser” which is full of action and then Twitterati couldn’t help coming up with some hilarious memes on Hrithik’s look in Super 30 and War. 

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Check out Hilarious memes on Hritik Roshan’s ‘War’ teaser and ‘Super 30’

#1. Hrithik Roshan’s Miscasting

#2. Twitterati to Hrithik’s Bihari accent

#3. Even Tiger Shroff got trolled

#4. “BHAI hai to Mumkin hai”

#5. Hrithik teaches ‘Raju’ and ‘Shyam’ too

#6. This was Epic

#7. Karan Johar is a “Anand kumar” for starkids

#8. Mom’s reaction when you order food

But inspite of such trolls Super30 is doing really well in Theatres and everyone is appreciation Hrithik’s efforts.

If you feel that’s it then…. PICTURE ABHI BAAKI HAI MERE DOST

Hrithik’s extreme transformation from a Patna-based mathematician in Super30 to the handsome hunk in War has become a major talking point on social media.

#9. What a transformation…!!

#10. On a salary day On a month-end

#11. Hrithik proved that he can do anything

#12. Infront of GF Infront of friend

We can’t get enough of these ….but we hope you’ll enjoy these memes

This movie was a much-awaited action-adventure flick of Hrithik and Tiger shroff and its releasing date is October 2

Hilarious memes on Hritik Roshan's 'War' teaser and 'Super 30'

Ohh Sorry Sorry.. Not again

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