Akshay Kumar or Khiladi Kumar is famous for his Action and Comedy Movies But in the past couple of years, we saw a patriotic flavor and social message in most of his movies. Akshay Kumar has come a long way from being an action hero to the poster boy of socially-relevant Bollywood films. Fans of Akshay Kumar or simply ‘Akkians’ appreciate him for the choice of movies but some of them troll him for making patriotism commercial as his movies have started crossing 100 crores.

In Video: Akshay Kumar Reveals Why He Does Patriotic Movies.

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1. Every Achievement Of India Is A New Script For Akshay Kumar.

Best Memes on Akshay Kumar

2. News Script for ‘2020.’

Yes, that’s true as Akshay Kumar’s most of the movies since ‘Holiday’ is based on true events whether it was Baby, Airlift, Padman, Toilet, Kesari, Gold, and all these movies were glorifying India’s achievements in different fields.

3. Controversy Over Akshay Kumar’s Citizenship.

4. BMC’s Promotion Put Him In Trouble.

5. When Akshay Played A Role Of Journalist.

Best Memes on Akshay Kumar

6. Maybe He Wants To Become A Politician.

7. Now His ‘Mission Mangal’ Memes Taken Over The Social Media.

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10. That Moment When You Have Won A Lottery.

Not just in films, his interest in flaunting patriotism has also seen a steep rise. Often, Akshay features in advertisements promoting positive changes in society and shares patriotic messages on microblogging website Twitter.

But, we really want to see him doing some funny and comedy movies as we really miss our ‘Raju’ of ‘Hera Pheri.’

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