Alia Bhatt has been regarded as a laughing stock in the country. Some refer her as the ‘Rahul Gandhi’ of Bollywood, while others are wondering if all Bollywood actresses are just as stupid as Alia Bhatt. You would be wondering where Alia’s Meme game started. Let us take you where it all began!

Video Courtesy- All India Bakchod (AIB)

Now that you have seen the video and have an idea about what went down on the show! Let us take you through some hilarious memes made by the netizens who expressed their admiration towards the funny saga!

Welcome To Alia Bhatt Memes On Throwback Thursdays With Manch!

1. Now You Know!

Alia Bhatt Memes

2. Say What!

3. One For All The Game Of Thrones Fans!

Alia Bhatt Memes

4. Mumbai Police- Why You So Cool?

Alia Bhatt Memes

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5. No Brain! No Gain!

Alia Bhatt Memes

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7. Kaun Hai log? Kahan Se Aate Hai?

8. Knowledge Level- Alia Bhatt

9. How To Win At Life?

10. Close Enough!

11. That’s What She Said!

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