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Cheating in exam memes

Best Exam Memes That Sum Up Your Student Life!

Exam Memes represent the true feelings of a student during the crucial examination week. Suffering from parental pressure at home and never-ending revisions in the college, students barely get time to socialize or enjoy a sport of their choice. This Video Will Give You An…

Arvind Kejriwal Meme

Arvind Kejriwal Memes Are Crazy, Witty And Funny

Arvind Kejriwal who is the Chief Minister of Delhi and the leader of the Aam Aadmi Party is always in the news for his infamous protests against the ruling government. BJP supporters say that the CM of India’s capital has cultivated a bad habit of…

Sunny Leone On JCB.

Funniest 20 JCB Memes Which Are A Sensation On Internet!

J.C. Bamford Excavators Limited(JCB) is a British Multinational Company which produces equipment for construction, agriculture, waste handling, and demolition. JCB started operating in India around the year 1979 and now in 2019, the internet is flooded with JCB Memes. Why JCB Memes Started Trending? Here…

The best 'My Rahul Bose' Moments

Top 10 ‘My Rahul Bose’ Moments On The Internet!

Rahul Bose, the Indian film actor has found himself dragged in a trend on social media called ‘My Rahul Bose Moment.’ Netizens are sharing their own ‘Rahul Bose Moment’ from real life. And the moments are funny too. What is ‘My Rahul Bose’ Moment? On…


These 10+ Johnny Sins Memes Will Raise Your Excitement Levels!

Steve Wolfe, popularly known as ‘Johnny Sins’ is a pornographic actor and director. He has won multiple awards in the adult industry and also, one of the most popular terms in pornography searches. Johnny Sins‘s stage acts are one of the funniest in the pornography…

John Wick Memes Have Taken Over The Social Media!
Viral Memes

John Wick Memes Have Taken Over The Social Media!

John Wick! You may also remember the person from the Matrix series, dodging bullets and beating up over 100 people in an epic fight sequence! This man has redefined action at every given opportunity and successfully swept the audience off their feet every time. In…

Hindustani Bhau Memes
Viral Memes

Top 10 Hilarious Hindustani Bhau Memes & Tweets[18+]

Hindustani Bhau is an Indian Youtuber who is known for roasting people who hurl abuses against India. Recently, people have started using Bhau’s photos to narrate their own emotions. We have aggregated the best Hindustani Bhau memes which are trending on the Internet. Who is…


Area 51 Memes: Funny Desi Reactions

The West went frenzy over the Internet when a Facebook event invited people to ‘storm’ area 51 in Amargosa Valley, Nevada. 1.7 million people have registered for the event which has started bothering the US Military too. Naturally, the Indians have joined in the fun…

10 hilarious memes to prove that Anushka Sharma has now become a legendary meme.
Viral Memes

Anushka Sharma Has Now Become A Legendary Meme

Anushka Sharma has now become a legendary meme in the country. She got the country’s attention much before her memes due to her relationship with the captain of the Indian cricket team Virat Kohli. She became the meme-worthy material after a few creative people used…