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Problems in Kashmir after abolishment of Article 370

Article 370 Scrapped; Does It Solve The Kashmir Issue?

The Indian Government has cleared that Jammu And Kashmir are the most important regions in India’s Pathway to World’s Biggest Economy. Amit Shah has given one of the most iconic speeches in the Lok Sabha before proposing the J&K Reorganisation Bill, 2019. Although the leaders…

Pakistan Reaction on abolishment of Article 370

How Did Pakistan React To Abrogation of Article 370?

The historic moment in the parliament on Monday will not only change the structure of Jammu & Kashmir but also the politics (and geography) of the Indian Subcontinent. The tensions in Kashmir valley has been the result of a constant proxy war being played by…

Best Memes After article 370 scrapped

Top 20 Memes After Amit Shah Proposes Scrapping of Article 370

In an announcement which will have massive repercussions for Jammu And Kashmir as well as India, Home Minister Amit Shah has announced scrapping of Article 370. BJP Government who used the scrapping of Article 370 as an election issue, seems to have a bifurcation solution…

best kashmir memes amid rumors of article 35A scrap.

15 Kashmir Memes On Rumors Which Are Hottest In The Valley

A huge panic grew in the valley and nearby areas when rumors grew around the introductions of some drastic changes to the state’s special status. Although, Jammu & Kashmir Governor Satya Pal Malik has maintained his stance and advised the valley’s politicians ‘not to believe’…

Ravish Kumar Memes

Ravish Kumar Memes Win Ramon Magsaysay Award

Ravish Kumar memes have been trending in social media after the journalist won the prestigious Ramon Magsaysay award. The Indian writer has won the award which was established to perpetuate former Philippine President Ramon Magsaysay’s example for his exemplary service to the country. The Indian…

Best Mahatma Gandhi Memes

Mahatma Gandhi Memes Are The New Craze In Social Media.

Mahatma Gandhi Meme is a work of fiction and it is meant with the utmost respect to the great man who single-handedly changed the course of the freedom movement in the Indian sub-Continent. We kind of imagined how the ‘Father Of The Nation’ would live…

Best Memes On Triple Talaq

Triple Talaq Memes Are Unstoppable!

The triple talaq bill was finally passed by the Parliament on Tuesday. The Upper House passed the bill by 99 votes in favor of 84 against it. Many opposition party leaders criticized the passing of the bill calling it a ‘historic mistake’. Both AIADMK and…

Savage Memes-Modi And Bear Grylls!

Savage Memes On PM Modi And Bear Grylls!

These Memes On Narendra Modi, Bear Grylls Are Savage. The Former President of the United States of America, Barack Obama and the current Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi have few things in common. They were both elected twice as the leaders of their countries…

Arvind Kejriwal Meme

Arvind Kejriwal Memes Are Crazy, Witty And Funny

Arvind Kejriwal who is the Chief Minister of Delhi and the leader of the Aam Aadmi Party is always in the news for his infamous protests against the ruling government. BJP supporters say that the CM of India’s capital has cultivated a bad habit of…

Azam han Sexist Remark On Rama Devi

How Politicians Reacted On Azam Khan’s Sexist Remark?

Azam Khan, MLA from Rampur Uttar Pradesh is in hot waters once again for his sexist remarks on Rama Devi, the officiating speaker of Lok Sabha. The BJP parliamentarians erupted on Friday and demanded an apology from Azam Khan. This is not an unfamiliar situation…