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Top 10 Memes on Mamata Banerjee Which Are Tolerable!

Mamata Banerjee, The Tigress of Bengal and the CM of Bengal is a new love of netizens as they trolled her for her controversial statements and her Hitler antics. So here you just take chill here and enjoy Top 10 Memes on Mamata Banerjee. In…


Top 10 Memes from Karnataka Political Crisis

Karnataka Political Crisis started on 1st July 2019 after two Congress MLAs resigned citing differences with the government. From there on, it has been a total downhill for the HD Kumaraswamy government. The focus has now shifted to Karnataka Assembly but the people of Karnataka…


Hilarious reaction of Middle Class after Union Budget 2019

After Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented her first Union Budget, netizens posted hilarious memes all across social media as they were expecting something good from our first woman finance minister but Dashing all hopes of the middle class, Modi 2.0 failed to deliver any of…

Savage Tweets of Kunal Kamra.

Top 10 Savage Tweets by Kunal Kamra.

Here are the 10 savage tweets by Kunal Kamra. His tweets are mean and funny. Read on to find out what he has to say about the most powerful people in India. You might be wondering who this guy is? Let me tell you guys!…