Millions of heart were broken when Dhoni was run-out in the semi-final with New Zealand in the world cup 2019. This shows the belief and love of fans on Dhoni. After world-cup everyone is talking about Dhoni’s retirement.

As he had been criticized for his strike rate and strike rotation in the 2019 Cricket World Cup and there was a rumoured that he will announce his retirement from cricket at the end of the World Cup, fans across the globe have made emotional appeals urging MS Dhoni not to retire and #Donotretiredhoni was trending on Twitter.

Dhoni has a huge fan following and which include many cricket Legends, Bollywood stars, and Reporters.

Check out some statements given by Legends on Dhoni’s retirement

#1. It’s his personal decision, he should be given that space

Why is everyone talking about Dhoni's retirement?

“How many guys can have a career like this? He has had a special career. The support and belief that people have in him is a reflection of his contribution. People still believed that he could go and finish the game. The game was not over till the time he was out there.”

#2. “He’s a world-class cricketer but is he looking to change nationalities? We will consider that selection if we have to,”- Kane Williamson

Courtesy- ICC

Even New Zealand captain Kane Williamson wants Dhoni in his Squad

#3. Adam Gilchrist is also an admirer of our Dhoni

Adam Gilchrist always supports and praise Dhoni’s persona. According to Gilchrist, Dhoni’s contributions to the world, cricket will never be forgotten.

#4.  MS Dhoni has not told us anything about retirement: Virat Kohli

courtesy- ICC

This shows the respect and love given by our Captain to our former Captain

#5. Our Lata Didi also urges MS Dhoni to reconsider his retirement

We all know that the legendary singer is an avid cricket follower, so she took to Twitter to support Dhoni and urge him to not take retirement

#6. Some Dhoni’s die-hard fans says they will stop watching cricket if Dhoni retire

#7. Yes, Javed Sir we agree with you

We all can have our own speculation and opinion on Dhoni’s retirement but this all depends on our Captain- cool and his body strength. This should be his decision and on his retirement rumor look what Dhoni said

Don’t know when I will retire: MS Dhoni 

Why is everyone talking about Dhoni's retirement?

Yes, that’s the spirit we know that there is a lot of cricket left in him and above that team India always need him whether as a player or as a mentor.

MS Dhoni is not just a name it’s an emotion of Cricket and we don’t why everyone is talking about his retirement.

Someone summed up our Question in this video. check out the video