Photography is the art of observation. It is also a science of creating durable and long-lasting images. In this world of social media, we are swamped by thousands of photos coming from our friends, families, and relatives. But are all of them worth it? Today, we have aggregated seven reasons on why you should click more photos on this World Photography Day.

Prior to the invention of photography, creating realistic images was the job of only craftsmen. But now, it is available to the common masses. The availability of machines has diluted the quality of photographs but it has also given an opportunity to amateurs to pursue their goals.

Check out these top 7 reasons on why you should click more photos on this World Photography Day:

1. Easiest Way To Save Memory

Tribes in India and other parts of the world tell stories in the form of poems and songs which are passed down to generations. Today, many of the younger generations write journals or diaries. Still, photography remains the most feasible and lightning way to capture memories. The digital cameras allow us to capture the moments without the need of waiting for the pictures to develop. In fact, we can even share it immediately on social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

2. Takes You Back In Time.

There are rare seconds in our daily life where we tend to get tilted towards the past. How often do you take a trip down the memory lane? If it takes time for you to remember the previously asked question then you are a busy person. But photographs have the power to take you back in time irrespective of the good or bad sentiment attached to a particular photograph.

3. Sensational Stress-Reliever.

butterfly phtography

The world acknowledges the importance of music when it comes to soothing stress. But have we underrated the potential of photographs in stress-relieving? Photography isn’t just about creating photos. It is important for photos to heal the soul of the observer. Photos depicting nature are wonderful stress-busters. Go ahead and observe the above-placed photo for 5 minutes. You will be amazed to notice the difference after the completion of the duration.

4. Stimulates Creativity And Imagination.

Photographers possess a vivid imagination and creativity. It is possible only because people are coming up with all sorts of crazy ideas when it comes to preserving a moment. Some are using photos with words in the creation of scrapbooks while others are joining different challenges like project365 in which you capture a photo from each day of your life for the whole year.

5. Boosts Self Esteem And Harmony.

You must be thinking that how can clicking photos boost self-esteem, isn’t? Everyone loves it when they look at a photo shared by a friend, family member or relative which includes them. It might double the pleasures if the photo turns out good or as expected. No doubt, this takes you to the seventh heaven and fosters your bond with the uploader.

6. Happy Families Take More Photos Together.

There are many families who leave no opportunity to fill the walls of their bedroom and living room with family portraits. Some use empty spaces to celebrate one’s life milestones. Whatever may be the reason, these pictures surely keep the stills fresh and alive which help to foster the family bonds.

7. Changes The Perception

How often have you observed a different perspective to an image when saving a beautiful moment in your digital camera? During photography, it depends upon the photographer to show his/her narration of the image. The power and control which the photography provides are second to none. Skilled photographers say that photography allows them to filter different perspectives of an image to convey the best possible message.

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