J.C. Bamford Excavators Limited(JCB) is a British Multinational Company which produces equipment for construction, agriculture, waste handling, and demolition. JCB started operating in India around the year 1979 and now in 2019, the internet is flooded with JCB Memes.

Why JCB Memes Started Trending?

Here are a few reasons why JCB Memes started trending:

  • Sunny Leone posted a photo in which she can be seen standing on JCB’s tyre.
  • Also one of the MP’s of Telangana said, “India me berozgaari itni hai ki log JCB ka kahi kaam chal raha hota hai to vo dekhne bheed ikhatti kar lete hai.” After this, many facebook pages picked up the term ‘jcb ki khudai.’
  • Teenage memers were done with their exams in March-April and they needed new memes to consume.
  • Elections 2019 memes got outdated after declaration.
  • Also, a combination of above-mentioned reasons could have conjured the meme trend.

Check Out Funniest 20 JCB Memes On Internet:

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1. Divided By Religion But United By The Trend.

United by JCB Memes

2. The MP Might Not Be Wrong.

JCB Ki Khudai Crowd Meme

3. JCB Defines New Possibilities.

JCB Hai Toh Mumkin Hai Meme

4. JCB Attracts More Folks.

Drake JCB Meme

5. But When ‘Mature’ Bag Starts Gaining.

Mature Bag vs JCB Meme

6. That JCB Driver.

7. Ever Bored Of These Memes?

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8. The Temptation.

9. Amateurs Post JCB Memes. But Legends.

10. Modiji Watching JCB Ki Khudai.

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11. Stark Family Watching JCB Ki Khudai.

Stark Family JCB Meme

12. Chahal Watching Too.

Chahal Watching JCB Meme

13. In Your Nearest Theatres.

JCB Movie Meme

14. That Moment When Sunny Leone Is On The JCB Tyre.

15. Goa Police Couldn’t Resist Too.

16. When JCB Ki Khudai Is Going On In Neighbourhood.

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17. People Trying Newer Things.

Ashiqui 3 JCB meme

18. That Explains It Well.

Why people watch jcb ki khudai?

19. Before And After Watching JCB’s Khudai.

Before and AFter Watching JCB ki Khudai Meme

20. Best Wedding Entrance For Engineers.

Engineers Meme On JCB

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