Pooja Jain is back with her ‘Pagal’ Song called Naach Ke Paagal and social media has trolled her with ‘Dhinchak Pooja Memes.’ The YouTuber who came into the limelight with songs Swag Wali Topi(2015) and Daaru(2016), has hit the youtube trending list yet again.

The video song Naach Ke Paagal has already hit 1.5 million with 3 days and is already punching the 2 million mark. Although, social media was not showing any mercy and got flooded with funny memes within 24 hours of launch.

Check Out Best Dhinchak Pooja Memes and Reactions:

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1. Gandhiji Doesn’t Give A Damn.

2. Some Wanted Honey Singh And Badshah Receiving The Same Treatment.

3. The Whole Internet Right Now.

4. Babu Rao Knows All About Pooja Songs.

5. Here We Go Again.

6. Why Couldn’t We Do The Same In 2015?

7. Snape Got Fright.

8. We Had Some Funerals Too.

9. Music Industry Right Now.

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11. Some Felt For The Poor Cameraman.

12. When Showing Dhinchak’s Song To Friend.

13. CarryMinati Before And After Listening To Dhinchak Pooja’s Song.

14. Emergency Times Ahead For India.

15. Pooja Jain Right Now.

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