Exam Memes represent the true feelings of a student during the crucial examination week. Suffering from parental pressure at home and never-ending revisions in the college, students barely get time to socialize or enjoy a sport of their choice.

This Video Will Give You An Insight On Students During Exams!

Video Courtesy- JordIndian

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Here Are The Best Exam Memes That Sum Up your Student Life!

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1. PM Narendra Modi Leaving Class.

Exam Memes On Narendra Modi.

2. In The End, It Doesn’t Even Matter!

netflix exam memes

3. Only Day The Teacher Is Taken Seriously!

last minute exam memes

4. Thinking: Why Do Bad Things Happen Only To Good People.

studying a topic in exam meme.

5. That Moment When You Passed Without Studying!

Passing exam without studying meme.

6. One For All the Math Haters!

trying to sleep before exam night meme

7. That Moment When Family Asks About Exam.

when family asks about exam meme

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8. Those Toppers Who Lie Before Exam.

topper who lie meme

9. That Moment When You Sit In The Front Row.

sit in front row in exam meme

10. When You See A Topper Sitting In Front Of You.

when a topper sits infront you in exam meme

11. Students When They See A Tough Question Paper!

When students see a tough paper

12. Random Thoughts Flying In The Head Be Like!

When random thought come in exam.

13. When Students Gather To Discuss An Easy Question Paper!

After exam meme

14. Reality Of College Students In India.

reality of college student meme

15. Students During The Semester Examinations!

students during semester exam meme

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16. Students Never Go Down Easily.

teacher student in exam meme

17. When Your Friend Leaves the Exam Hall Before You!

when your friend leaves you in exam meme.

18. One Day Before Exam.

a day before exam with topper friend.

19. That Feeling When It Is Out Of Syllabus.

out of syllabus meme

20. When Exams Are Finally Over.

when exams are over

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