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Zomato Memes have started causing problems in the country. The controversy began after Amit Shukla tweeted on refusing food delivered by Zomato, stating he did so because it was being delivered by a Muslim. When the news broke out, Netizens reacted quickly by taking sides. Some genuinely criticized this heinous act while others decided to side with Amit on this issue.

Amit’s Tweet Started A Meme War Across The Nation.

Zomato Memes Are Nations Trouble!

Zomato Founder Echoed The Company’s Stand With A Firm Message.

Here Are The Best Memes Used By Netizens On The Zomato Controversy.

1. Zomato Shocked Over This Stupidity.

2. That’s How You Start A Civil War.

3. The Damage Has Been Done.

4. The Situation Right Now.

5. Zomato Controversy Described In One Picture.

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6. Zomato Memes Be Like.

7. Agreed!

8. One For All The Hardworking People Of Zomato.

9. This Guy Has Established A Neutral Ground On The Issue!

10. Celebrities Thinking Whether To Make A Statment Or Stick To Acting!

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