The life of an Indian teenager is a phase of changes. At one moment, you might love watching tennis and the very next, you might be interested in badminton. This change in gears can be seen in food, music, crush, relationship, aspirations and many more. But there are a lot of fun things that every Indian Teenager should do.

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As soon as you are 13, you become a suggestion box for your parents, teachers, and other elders in the family or neighborhood. You are judged on the basis of your attitude, body language, grades, skills as well as your friend circle. But in between your journey from getting approval to getting a job, there are many things that an Indian Teenager should do:

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1. Have A Relationship

Teenage relationships are a major development milestone in life. They come in a time when you are going through a lot of changes in life, physically, socially and emotionally. Some relationships are stable while others might fall out soon. But this will help you in dealing with emotional meltdowns, making difficult decisions, and disappointments.

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2. Play Atleast One Outdoor Game

Outdoor games allow you to meet new people and helps you in establishing a friend circle. Choose any game: Cricket, football, kabaddi, basketball, and others. These games will help you in great learning, physical development, boosts creativity, personality development and acquiring social skills. Your friends who sit at home or room will become isolated and withdrawn. You surely don’t want to be one of those people.

3. Visit New Places

Things Indian Teenager Should Do: Visit New places.

Give a break to your daily routine and visit new places. This will help you to expand your social network as well as help you understand different cultures. Why sit at home and surf the photos of beautiful places when you can visit them? Pack your bags, fit in a camera and pay a visit. These places can be hill stations, new cities or even distant villages.

4. Make And Eat Food

What’s more fun than making a new recipe for your friends and family? You can find enough food recipes on youtube and an Indian Teenager is expected to shop the ingredients from a local shop. Irrespective of the taste of the food, this will surely help you strengthen the bonds that you form with your friends and family.

5. Change Hairstyles

Every hairstyle tells a story. So why not give it a change? Many say that beauty comes from inside but in reality, few changes in our external looks can make a great difference for us. It can have powerful influences on who we are and how we feel of our ourselves.

6. Have Lots Of Fight

It doesn’t always need to be physical but verbal too. A fight defines that you are standing your ground and not backing away. In schools, teenagers generally land into punching each other but this should be discouraged. In fact, verbal fights should be encouraged where a line should be drawn. Now, many think that walking away from a fight is a sign of cowardice but its not always the same. If the other person thinks that the debate is useless then backing away might be a smart idea.

7. Participate In Competitions

This should apply not only to the curriculum but co-curriculum and extra-curriculum too. Participating helps you to understand the competition in your future aspirations. It will give you a good learning experience and irrespective of the result, it will be a fun time to spend away from regular classes.

8. Go 24 Hours Without Internet

Teenagers have a tendency of looking into their phones again and again. A study suggests that most of the teenagers use the internet to feel connected, validated by numbers such as likes and comments. They forget that there are other tasks. In utter dismay, their connection is more related to technology than reality. In all this, escaping away from the internet for 24 hours will allow you to evaluate yourself.

9. Go On Fun Shoots Every Year With Your Friends

Things Indian Teenager Should Do: Funny Photo Shoots.

Friendships may not last long but their memories will surely go down with your grave. So, these memories can be more fun if you do crazy photography shoots with your friends in crime. Every year, this will help you cherish those moments.

10. Create Videos

The 21st-century teenagers learn a lot of things like singing, dancing, sculpting, art and poem recitation. So do you have any of these talents? Then go ahead, make a video and post on youtube. There are many western YouTubers who went viral when they were teenagers. Before posting, you should always ask a neutral friend to give it a watch. If you do get a nod then you should express your talent through these social media profiles.

11. Volunteer

You can volunteer in any organization of the school, college or non-profit organization. A study suggests that 95% of students who volunteer are motivated by a desire to improve and help others. By volunteering, you can learn many aspects of the working culture, meet new people and understanding the way people think.

12. Read Novel And Write Every Week

Teenage life is more and more about gaining experience and later, implementing those experiences in life. ‘Reading at least one classic novel’ in a month should be your priority. Reading a novel not only increases your empathy but helps in soothing your mind too. Also, keeping a journal will allow you to achieve your goals, sparking creativity and stretching your IQ. Both reading and writing allow a teen to improve his/her communication skills.

13. Learn A New Language

How fun it will be to converse with a friend in Japanese or German? Also, you can also flaunt this newly learned language in front of your family and friends.

14. Help In Housework

Things Indian Teenager Should Do: Help in chores.

Indian parents might not say but they always have a constant problem with their children. The problem of their child not helping enough in the house. A study suggests that teens who have chores are more successful as adults. Chore allows you to work with your siblings or family members. Handling chores might be tedious but fun when done.

15. Write Letters To Your Friends

Do you want to see your friends bursting with excitement? Then write letters to them. Writing letters promotes mindfulness. It helps you to think about the person for whom you are writing the letter. Of course, you will be making someone happy.

16. Go On Blind Dates

There are many events in schools and colleges which are now giving a chance to go on a blind date. This must be one of the funniest and craziest things you could do in school or college. No doubt, you will meet new people at these events.

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17. Go Movie Theatres Alone

Everyone has gone to watch movies with their gangs. It becomes important to take out time from your busy schedule and watch movies alone. This will give a different perspective of watching a movie alone in a movie theatre.

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