Monsoon is very vital for the agriculture and economy of the country. India receives around 70 percent of its rainfall in the summer monsoon. In many ways, monsoon is the life-blood of farm dominated nation of India. Also, monsoon brings freshness and calmness around us. Before listing the hilarious monsoon memes, let’s look upon some of the lovely things about monsoon in India:

  • Lush green areas around you get brighten up.
  • The popularity of samosas and pakoras increases
  • Masala Chai becomes everyone’s cup of tea.
  • Rain songs and dances start trending among people.

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But this time, monsoon has been a villain in citizen’s life. The southern states of India are facing the worst in the country. Also, the ability of the authorities to handle the situation is being questioned. In spite of knowing everything, India is unable to prevent the wreckage caused by the monsoon rains each year.

In Video: India Monsoon Rains Kill Dozens.

Check Out the best monsoon memes in this rainy season:

1. When Your Girlfriend Is Horny.

horny girlfriend in monsoon meme

2. When You Forget Umbrella At Home.

forget umbrella at home meme

3. But Set Max Is Showing Sooryavansham.

Sooryavansham meme in rainy season.

4. But Monsoon In India.

expectation vs reality in monsoon.

5. OLA, Uber, And Auto Walas.

ola, uber and autos in rainy season meme.

6. Indians On How Government Has Made Arrangements For Monsoon.

no arrangement in monsoon.

7. Drive Safe Says Traffic Police.

driving in rain meme.

8. Inadequate Rain In Some Places.

less rain in some places.

9. Electricity Still Singing That Song.

electricity in rain meme

10. Desi Dads Listening To Tantrums:

11. Oops! Not Everyone Loves Rain.

bakchod billi on rain

12. Employee To Boss.

boss in monsoon season meme.

13. Every Boss’s Dream.

interview meme

14. Foodgasm In Monsoon.

chai and pakora meme in rainy season.

15. When You Took A Leave From Office On Rainy Day Which Angers The Boss. But You:

when you take leave in rainy season.

16. Everyone Loves To Sit Inside Their House In Rain.

sit inside the house meme

17. Mumbai Rains Got No Mercy.

mumbai rain meme.

18. At least Someone Is Practising.

indian rowing team practising on mumbai roads.

19. The Importance Of These People Is Inversely Proportional To Amount Of Rain In Monsoon.

importance of ola, uber and auto drivers in monsoon memes.

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20. When Your Underwear Isn’t Drying.

when underwear is not dry in monsoon memes

21. Superman Ability Might Come Handy In These Rains.

superhero in mumbai rains

22. Too Many Tests In India.

monsoon memes in mumbai

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