India is the old mother of the world. A source of all languages, cultures, and knowledge. An explorers paradise and a seeker’s final destination. This great land, despite the cultural differences, does not believe in suppressing traditions. India celebrates and respects those differences. Today, we have aggregated the best Rakshabandhan Memes for you.

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Festivals always have a way of bringing people together and helps positive values flourish. There are many auspicious days in India, which are celebrated by Indians with a lot of zest and spirit. Rakshabandhan is one of them, known also as the ‘Knot of Perfection’. The Festival has great ancient significance. There are many Hindu Mythology legends associated with the Rakshabandhan festival.

There is an incident where Lord Krishna was hurt during the war with king Shishupala and was left with a bleeding finger. At that moment, Draupadi had torn a piece of her cloth and tied it around his wrist to stop it from bleeding. Krishna was touched by her gesture and promised to appear before her whenever she needed help and protection.

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The tradition has been followed for more than thousands of years but with a little twist and involves a lot of gifts. These days its become an escape route for women in schools and colleges when a random guy proposes them.

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1. If Game Of Thrones Character Celebrated Rakhi 2019.

Rakshabandhan Memes.

2. Faced Your Crush On Rakshabandhan?

RakshaBandhan Memes

3. When Your Crush Wishes You On Rakshabandhan.

RakshaBandhan Memes

4. National Brother Of India.

salman khan RakshaBandhan Memes.
Image Courtesy: RVCJ

5. Engineers On Rakhi And Valentine’s Day.

engineers on valentine's day and rakshabandhan.

6. Getting Out Of Your House?

dress code for rakshabandhan.

7. Time To Be Mr. India.

RakshaBandhan Memes.

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13. That Awkward Moment.

14. Brother: How Much Money?

15. When Sister Is Over-acting.

16. Engineer Brothers Be Like.

17. When You Give ₹500 To Your Gareeb Sister.

18. Sisters Before And After Rakhi.

19. Rakshabandhan Reality.

20. Every Brother To Sister In Rakshabandhan.

21. And How Brothers Promise Their Sisters?

22. Friendzoned Boys:

23. Girls Are Like.

24. Too Much Of A Gift To Ask Your Brother?

25. We Know Where All The Money Goes To.

26. 15th August For Indians.

27. Backbenchers On Rakshabandhan Day.

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