Pakistan was gearing up for 14th August, the country’s 73rd Independence Day when rain and tensions with India dampened the festive season of Pakistan. In fact, Pakistan has dedicated its own Independence Day to “the people of J&K.” No doubt a failed state like Pakistan doing every bit to unsettle the peace in the Kashmir region. But the Indians are leaving no stone unturned on the Independence Day of Pakistan as trends like #PKMKB, #BalochistanSolidarityDay, #BalochistanIsNotPakistan, and #14AugustBlackDay kept trending on twitter. Here are the best Pakistan memes on their Independence Day:

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1. Happy Birthday Pakistan.

Pakistan memes on Independence Day.

2. India To Other Countries On 14th August.

Pakistan memes on Independence Day.

3. Suits The Case?

Pakistan memes on Independence Day.

4. Muhammad Ali Jinnah Right Now.

Pakistan memes on Independence Day.

5. Indians In Kashmir To Pakistan:

Kashmir memes on Pakistan Independence Day.

6. After Wishing Pakistan.

Pakistan memes on Independence Day.

7. IMF approved a USD 6 billion loan For Pakistan.

Pakistan memes on Independence Day.

8. How To Propose A Pakistani.

Propose a Pakistan Girl Meme.

9. Self-Respect Doesn’t Matter.

Self respect meme on imran khan.

10. Let’s Celebrate Pakistan’s Independence Day.

pkmkb memes

11. Even Sarfaraz’s Son Knows It.

12. Pakistan Diplomat Caught Stealing.

13. Pakistan Army Assuring Security Of LoC.

14. Some Tagged In Imran Khan Often.

15. Pakistani’s Reactions:

16. Some Mentioned About Terrorist Hafiz Saeed.

17. Imran Khan When Going To Different Countries.

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18. Many Journalists Came In Support Of Balochistan.

19. People From Around The Globe Stood For The Cause.

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20. The Best Feeling.

pakistan memes

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