A video claiming to be from Manali has gone viral on social media in which we can see an Indian tourist who panicked while paragliding with an instructor. The video has become a meme template and many of its variations are being used on social media which are relatable with our daily lives. We have aggregated the best paragliding memes from the viral video of Manali.

Confirmed: The tourist in the viral video is Vipin Sahu from Banda, Uttar Pradesh. The video was shot in Solang Valley Paragliding Point.

The Original 378 Seconds Video.

The video starts with the instructor telling the instructions to follow while paragliding. Everything seemed perfect till the first minute but soon the excitement turned into a nightmare for the tourist. The instructor Jagga did everything in his limits to lead a safe paragliding experience for the tourist but sometimes our nightmares confuse us. And that is exactly what happened to the person in the video. We just hope that the person is healthy and fine.

The Meme Attack.

The video was uploaded by a person named Pawan Sahu on youtube on 31 July 2019 but the video went viral on Tuesday Night. Here are some lines which were used by the memers in making memes:

  • Aur Main Aasman ki oonchayon mein….!
  • Chaaro taraf kohra-kohra hai.
  • Bhai mujhe nahi pta kese hota hai.
  • Bhai land krao….mujhe lambi ride nahi karni zyaada.
  • Bhai land kara de (Most Popular Meme).
  • Ab esse jyaada ooncha nahi hoga.
  • Main Madarch*d hoon jo esmein aaya hun.
  • Bhai 500 jyaada lele par mujhe land karaade.
  • Maar aur maar mujhe.
  • Main G**ndu hun.
  • Video m**chudaane de.

Here are the Best Manali Paragliding Memes:

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1. Remember This Kid?

Paragliding memes.

2. When Your Crush Message You.

Paragliding memes.

3. The Reality Is Often Very Disappointing.

Paragliding memes.

4. When Sacred Games’ Memes Meets Paragliding Memes.

5. When All You Need Is A Lift.

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6. Non-Mumbaikar In Mumbai Local.

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7. This Avengers Version Is Hilarious.

8. General Category Students.

Paragliding memes manali.

9. Teacher After Meeting Naughtiest Of The Class.

Paragliding memes in manali.

10. When You Come In Relationship With Your Crush.

Paragliding memes.

11. When You Know.

Paragliding memes.

12. Introverts Are Like.

Paragliding memes.

13. When She Is Too Hot To Handle.

Paragliding memes.

14. The Result Of Not Listening To Your Friend.

paragliding meme in manali

15. When You Reach The Climax

tourist meme in manali.

16. During Weddings.

paragliding meme.

17. Commerce Students Be Like:

paragliding meme commerce.

18. Meanwhile Science Students:

paragliding meme science.

19. That Awkward Moment.

paragliding meme anal.

20. Your Friend After Getting Into Relationship.

paragliding meme in relationship.

21. Take ₹100-₹200 More….!

22. Remember Dhamaal Movie?

23. When He Goes Deeper.

24. Delhiites?

paragliding meme winter on kohra.

25. After Joining The Gym.

gym meme on paragliding.

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