The West went frenzy over the Internet when a Facebook event invited people to ‘storm’ area 51 in Amargosa Valley, Nevada. 1.7 million people have registered for the event which has started bothering the US Military too. Naturally, the Indians have joined in the fun and Area 51 Memes are trending in India too.

What are Area 51 Memes?

It is a commonplace name given to a site located in Southern Part of Nevada, Western US. It is a highly classified area and the term ‘Area 51’ was first coined in the CIA document of Vietnam War. There are many conspiracy theories revolving around the relationship of this area with the aliens.

Check Out The Best Desi ‘Area 21’ Memes from Indian Netizens:

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1. Area 51 Storm is on 20th September. Too Soon To Move On?

When The Internet is more attracted to FaceApp.

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When Indian Kids Ask Their Parents to go to Area 51

3. That Moment When Area 21 Also Disappoints you.

Rahul Gandhi is disappointed by Area 51

4. It Won’t Be Easy. The US Military Has Officially Warned The People That They Would Protect the US Interests At Any Cost.

5. As You Know, There Are Alot Of Theories.

6. Well, More Of A Military TakeOver.

7. After All, The Event Went Viral On Facebook. Interesting!

8. That Must Be The Time To Think ‘Where The Humanity Is Going.’

Aliens in Pornhub after Area 51 Raid

9. This Creature Has Been Raiding Kitchens since Humanity Was Born.

Cat raiding Indian Kitchens.

10. Let’s Hope Bollywood Directors Come Up With A Movie For That.

What’s ahead for Area 51 ‘Storm?’

As per the facebook event, it is going to take place on 20th September 2019. Let’s hope that some do turn up for the ‘storm’ event.

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