Rahul Bose, the Indian film actor has found himself dragged in a trend on social media called ‘My Rahul Bose Moment.’ Netizens are sharing their own ‘Rahul Bose Moment’ from real life. And the moments are funny too.

What is ‘My Rahul Bose’ Moment?

On 22nd July 2019, Rahul Bose shared a 37-second clip on his Twitter account. In this video, the Bollywood actor shared a bill of two bananas for a cost of ₹ 442. The Jhankaar Beats actor was staying in JW Marriott Hotel, Chandigarh and had a workout routine in the hotel’s gym. Later, he asked the staff for 2 bananas but was shocked after receiving the whopping bill. At the end of the clip, Bose sarcastically said that the bananas were too good for him.

In Video: Rahul Bose Shares The Bill Of Two Bananas With His Fans.

The netizens started sharing their own moments on Twitter after Rahul Roushan shared his ‘My Rahul Bose’ Moment.

Check Out The Best ‘My Rahul Bose’ Moments:

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1. One Masala Pappad for 125 rupees.

2. These Rates Are Too High.

3. Tees Maar Khan Movie for Rs. 250.

4. This Guy Never Travelled in Plane Again.

5. Your Rahul Bose Moment Is Other’s Everyday Life Moments.

6. When You Are Hungry.

7. Sir! Maalish?

8. Learning Of The Day.

9. That Moment When You Ordered Without Looking At The Rates.

10. Those College Days.

What was your ‘Rahul Bose’ Moment? Share with us in the comment section below.

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