IIT Bombay is in the headlines but this time the reasons ain’t good. You hear top-ranked JEE Advanced aspirants choosing IIT Bombay for all the right reasons. But this month of July has turned sour for few. In a video shared by Mumbai Mirror, it showed the helpless, comical faces of the students and lecturer when an animal entered the class.

In Video: Cattle Enters IIT Bombay’s Classroom.

The Bigger Story

On 11th July, a 21-year-old intern student at IIT Bombay Akshay PL suffered abdominal injuries when two bulls rammed into him in the campus. The student was checking his phone when two bulls (fighting among themselves) crashed into him. As per the CCTV footage, the student fell on the ground senseless and was taken to campus hospital. Later, he was shifted to Sushrusha hospital with abdominal injuries. Fortunately, the student was declared safe and no internal injuries were suffered.

Students complained that the college authorities aren’t doing enough to control the cattle nuisance in the campus.

In Video: Two Bulls Attack IIT Bombay’s Intern Student.

In another episode, a cattle entering the IIT Bombay classroom went viral on Sunday evening. People cracked jokes and a lot of them are hilarious.

Here Are The Best Jokes People Cracked When Cattle Entered IIT Bombay’s Classroom:

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1. The Luckiest JEE Candidate Ever.

2. Uttarakhand CM Said That Cow Is The Only Animal Which Exhales Oxygen.

3. Gau Mata Inspecting Classes’ Attendance.

4. Some Said That IIT Bombay Has A History With Animals.

5. Few Went Ahead And Declared India’s Chances Of Being ‘Global Player’ As Zero.

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