A job cannot always be fun or enjoyable. Work is hard. Stress is related to every sphere of our life. But job stress arises when the requirements of the job do not match the capabilities, resources, and skills of the employee. Today, we have aggregated the best memes on the workplace and jobs for your entertainment.

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Stress is not always bad. Sometimes, stress motivates us to learn new skills and master our work. But sadly, a report suggests that 36 percent of women and 44 percent of men leave jobs due to workplace stress. But have you ever thought of the humorous view of your workplace’s tensions? Here are the 20+ Hilarious Memes On Workplace and Jobs To Send Your Colleagues:

1. When You Are About To Go.

When manager comes out of his cabin.

2. Office Life Is Equal To Compromise.

office life is compromise

3. When You Start Giving Presentation.

Workplace presentation meme

4. OnSite Opportunity Gone?

onsite offer meme

5. When You Just Wanted To Go Washroom at the Workplace.

Washroom in workplace meme

6. Your Workplace Is Freezing Or a Furnace?

When the workplace is freezing or furnace.

7. That Face When You Are Trying To Stay Positive.

When you are trying to stay positive.

8. Going Vs Returning To Office.

When you are going to office vs returning from office.

9. When You Get A lot Of Assignments.

When the boss gives you alot of assignments.

10. When You Think You Have Been Working For Too Long.

When you have been working for too long.

11. That Distracted Boss.

The distracted Boss Meme.

12. Cool Boss Sabke Nahi Hote.

Cool Boss meme.

13. When You Gotta Tell About Your Company To New Employee.

When You tell about your company meme.

14. When Nothing Is Worth Good Infront Of Boss.

when your project is worth nothing meme.

15. That StartUp Boss:

The startup boss meme.

16. When Your Manager Doesn’t Give A Damn.

When your manager does not see office politics meme.

17. When Someone Asked What You Hate In Your Office.

Someone Asked What You Hate In Your Office Meme.

18. When Your Work Pressure Is Too Much.

When your work pressure is Too Much.

19. Work Is Life.

Work for future not prsent meme.

20. When Your Personal Life Is No More.

When your personal lie is over meme.

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21. Solving A Small Issue In Office; HR:

Office HR meme.

22. In Some Work Places:

When your are important in offce memes.

23. That Bastard Boss.

Bastard Boss in Workplace Meme.

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