The liberal brigade is supporting the NDTV co-founders Prannoy Roy and Radhika Roy when the duo was stopped at Mumbai airport from flying out of the country on the basis of look-out circular. The look-out circular was issued against them in a case of alleged money laundering being probed by CBI. This NDTV controversy has created quite a buzz in Indian media as notable journalists have consolidated with the NDTV co-founders. But there is a bigger controversy that circulated in the digital world.

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The Bigger Story

NDTV was called out in social media for being a Pakistan’s mouthpiece when Pakistan’s ruling party PTI used a clip from NDTV to start anti-India propaganda.

In the show of NDTV’s Sreenivasan Jain, a journalist from Kasmir claimed to have met an old man who said, “I have heard that the New Delhi is saying that everybody in Kashmir is happy about making J&K a UT. Let them lift the curfew and then they will know how happy we are.” Within an hour, every ISI backed twitter handle started retweeting the clip. In fact, the clip was also retweeted by Pakistan’s representative to the UN.

The NDTV was swift in clarifying its stance on the clip. The official NDTV Twitter handle tweeted that Pakistan is distorting Indian media coverage my maliciously editing together different excerpts.

Double Jolt For NDTV

The clip which went viral gave away a reason to the right-wing handles to criticize the news company. Soon trends like #NDTVwithPakistan and #BanNDTV poured over the social media. In the evening, the Roys were stopped from flying abroad at Mumbai Airport. The News channel called it a complete subversion of Media Freedom in action against NDTV founders. As per the news channel, the co-founders had return tickets on August 16. A trend like #NDTVKaMallya started to make the rounds in the support of the news channel.

Support No Less For NDTV

Many have come in support of the news channel claiming it to be a conspiracy against them. Here are some best reactions and tweets on the NDTV Controversy:

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