Reliance Chairman Mukesh Ambani at the company’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) has revealed the details of the JIOFIBER launch. Reliance is launching the JIOFIBER from 5th September and the chairman has also added that customers who opt for long-term JIOFIBER plans will get free TVs. This plan is called JIOFIBER Welcome Plan. Today, we have aggregated the benefits and funny memes of the JIO GigaFiber offer.

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Here are the benefits of the JIOFIBER Welcome Plan:

  • JIOFIBER users will have the option to get free FullHD TV when GigaFiber services start on September 5 with speed up to 1GBps.
  • Users will get free FullHD TV with only long term plans i.e., a minimum of 1 year.
  • The brand of the TV has not been announced yet.
  • Additional deposits if required hasn’t been cleared yet.
  • The plan price will range from ₹700 to ₹10,000.

In Video: Glimpses From Mukesh Ambani’s Announcement.

Check Out The Funny JIOFIBER Memes and Reactions on the Mukesh Ambani’s announcement:

1. Feku 2.0?

mukesh ambani jio fiber memes

2. Mukesh Ambani To Other DTH Operators:

mukesh ambani jio fiber memes

3. Where Are The Other DTH Services?

dth company meme

4. Other DTH Companies To Mukesh Ambani:

mukesh ambani meme

5. Mukesh Ambani During Announcement.

Jamyang Tsering Namgyal meme

5. Other Indian Business Men To Mukesh Ambani.

JIO GigaFiber Memes

6. Indians Right Now.

JIO GigaFiber Memes

7. Tata Sky, Dish TV, And Airtel Digital TV Right Now:

JIO GigaFiber Memes

8. Hats Off To Mukesh Ambani.

JIO GigaFiber Memes

9. Videocon D2H And Sun Direct Right Now.

JIO GigaFiber Memes

10. Other Telecom Companies.

JIO GigaFiber Memes

11. Mukesh Ambani Right Now.

mukesh ambani meme

12. Mukesh Ambani To Other Telecom Companies.

JIO GigaFiber Memes

13. DTH service providers in India.

dth service provider memes

14. Ambanis Making Money From Fibre.

15. Indians To Mukesh Ambani.

16. Too Many Careers Might End From 5th September.

17. Slowdown In Some Sectors Is Temporary.

18. Mukesh Ambani Announcement Be Like:

19. Leaked Conversation From Antilia.

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