Sony has confirmed the reports saying that the future of the Spiderman franchise will continue without the Marvel Studios. In one of the biggest disappointing news of the year for the Spiderman fans, we learn that Sony Pictures and Disney have severed their ties after the collapse of profit-sharing talks. Reports claim that the dispute regarding profit sharing between Sony Pictures and Disney lead to the end of the deal. Today, we have aggregated the best memes and reactions from Spiderman Fans all over the world.

In Video: Spiderman Out Of MCU.

What All We Know?

  • Disney asked 50-50 percent of profit-sharing in future Spiderman films. As per the previous deal, Disney got just 5% of profits. Sony Pictures declined to result in Disney pulling out of the deal.
  • Spiderman: Far From Home made around $1 billion at the box office. So, Disney got just more than $50 million.
  • Disney feels that their management and ties related to Avengers: Endgame allowed Far From Home to become a bigger hit and expected more chunk from the pie.
  • Meanwhile, Sony Pictures feel that their creative team of director Jon Watts, actor Tom Holland, and producer Amy Pascal will have enough momentum going ahead. Sources tell that there are two more Spiderman films in the production.
  • Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige would no longer serve as the lead producer on the Spiderman franchise.

Hours after the news broke out, fans started out supporting the global trend of #SaveSpiderman. Here are the Best Memes And Reactions:

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1. Stan Lee From Up Above The World.

2. Are We In For Another Spiderman Series?

3. Tony Stark Learning About The Fall Of The Deal.

4. Jeremy Renner Appeals To Sony Pictures.

5. Some Are Calling Thanos For Help.

6. Was All Of It For Nothing?

7. Well, Technically It Was Disney Who Wanted A Better Deal.

8. Lost The Kid?

9. Black Widow Seems Frustrated Too.

10. This Picture Sums It All Up.

11. Marvel Fans Seem To Be Angry With Sony Pictures.

12. Fans Recreated The Epic Fight Sequence Of Endgame.

13. Everyone Alive Or Dead Right Now.

14. The Reason Why MCU Fans Are Protesting.

15. Marvel Fans All Over The World Uniting Like:

16. A Boycott Is In The Cards.

17. The Greed Of Disney.

18. Absolutely Disappointing.

19. Different People, Same Frustration.

20. Disney Bargaining With Sony Pictures Like:

21. Tom Holland Be Like:

22. A Misguided Fan. It Was Disney Who Needed A New Deal.

23. Tom Holland Joins Andrew Garfield In The List.

24. Some Are Asking Disney To Buy Sony.

25. When You Desperately Want Sony And Disney To Resolve Their Profit-Sharing Issues.

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