In one of the shocking incidents of drug addiction, a mother in Amritsar had to chain her 24-year old daughter to bed due to her increasing drug addiction. When the news spread like wildfire in the country, Amritsar MP Gurjeet Singh Aujla paid a visit to the girl and assured the mother to provide adequate medical help.

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Government De-Addiction Centre: A Disappointment.

Every Punjab Government aims to curb drug abuse in the state but these incidents are a setback for the people who are trying to overcome the addiction. The widowed mother of victim blames the easy availability of drugs in the area for her daughter’s misery. Although, the mother had resorted to this extreme measure when she was disappointed with the city’s de-addiction centre. The woman had sought help from the de-addiction centre thrice but each time they used to release her within 4-5 days. It has to be noted that de-addiction centres are advisable to have 30-day, 60-day, 90-day, and extended programs.

It is being reported that the lady got addicted to drugs when she went for a job in a beauty parlor in Chandigarh. The victim’s mother says,” Whatever she earned there, she used to spend on drugs. She also said, “She came back home two years ago and since then I have been taking her to Swami Vivekanand government de-addiction centre in Amritsar.” In the last 30 months, more than 160 people died due to drug overdose in the state. And just one de-addiction centre in state for women will never help the cause. On Tuesday, Congress leader and Amritsar MP assured the family of medical help and told media that it is an unfortunate incident.

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The Victim’s Interview.

The victim in her interview with Tribune told that it is not possible for police to curb the drug peddlers. She blamed Punjab police for accepting bribes and releasing the illegal drug dealers. She further went to describe that the problem is huge among the youth of the state. As per the victim, many girls of her friend circle died due to drug addiction.

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