Donald Trump is trending in India over his comments on ‘Kashmir’ issue. Familiar with the lies of Trump, netizens started trolling POTUS and the Internet was flooded with Trump Memes on Monday night.

In a joint press conference after a bilateral meeting with Pakistan PM Imran Khan, Trump suggested being allowed as a ‘mediator‘ between both the nations over Kashmir issue. Soon, the officials of the USA who are familiar with ‘amateurish’ and ‘delusional’ behavior of their president tried to ‘damage control’ but it was too late. The video went viral in India and renowned journalists expressed their opinions on Twitter.

In Video: Donald Trump And Imran Khan in Joint Press Conference Talks About Kashmir.

Here are the Best Trump Memes and Tweets which went Viral Over The Internet:

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1. Influential Congressman Brad Sherman apologized to Indian Ambassador Harsh Shringla over Trump Comments.

2. Modi’s Reaction to Trump’s Statement.

Modi Trump Meme

3. Some Trolled Even Modi. Afterall He Is The Nation’s Favorite Meme.

Trump Modi Meme Kashmir

3. We Understand That Frustration.

Dank meme Modi

4. We Learnt That President Trump Is Fond Of Rich Lifestyle.

Trump Imran Khan meme

5. US Congressmen Are Disappointed.

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10. Ministry Of External Affairs of India was quick to clear the doubts.

11. Well, That Is Quite Embarrassing.

12. As Per Simla Agreement, Kashmir Issue Will Be Solved Only By Bilateral Negotiations.

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