Ravish Kumar memes have been trending in social media after the journalist won the prestigious Ramon Magsaysay award. The Indian writer has won the award which was established to perpetuate former Philippine President Ramon Magsaysay’s example for his exemplary service to the country. The Indian writer and journalist to NDTV has received a lot of praises from every corner of the country. Although, some have criticized him for his constant rant against PM Narendra Modi.

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The Ramon Magsaysay Award is a mark of respect presented in honor of President of the Philippine. It is awarded to individuals for exceptional service towards their countries. Mainly in five major categories like government service, public service, community leadership, journalism or literature, creative communication arts and also peace and international understanding.

Many predicted other prominent journalists to win it but that was not the case. Netizens took the opportunity to pour fuel into the fire by taking a dig at Arnab, Sudhir and other journalists who failed to win the award.

Here Are The Best Memes Used By Netizens On Twitter!

1. That Moment When A Journalist Is Awarded For Criticising The Government In Power.

Memes of BJP Government And Modi Bhakts After Ravish Kumar Wins Award.

2. You Can’t See Me- Ravish Kumar Version.

3. When NDTV Calls A Politician For Interview.

4.When They Have To Accept Since You Won An Award For The Country.

5. Ravish Kumar’s Fans Taking A Dig At Sudhir Chaudhary And Zee News For Biased Journalism.

Ravish Kumar and  Sudhir Meme.

6. Arnab Goswami Getting Owned!

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10. Republic T.V. Be Like!

11. Picture Of Two Emotions!

12. Anchors Of Aaj Tak, Republic TV, Times Now, Zee News, India TV, Right Now.

13. NDTV Be Like!

14. Be Scared Politicians, Be Really Scared!

Ravish Kumar Memes and Narendra Modi.

15. You Know You Are Famous When These People Hate you!

ravish kumar memes

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