The historic moment in the parliament on Monday will not only change the structure of Jammu & Kashmir but also the politics (and geography) of the Indian Subcontinent. The tensions in Kashmir valley has been the result of a constant proxy war being played by Pakistan based ISI. Although Pakistan has always maintained its stance of preserving the rights of people of Kashmir or say ‘Azad Kashmir’, it has yet to take measures in cleaning snakes from their own backyard. We have aggregated the Pakistani Reactions On Abrogation Of Article 370.

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The buildup to this moment was swiftly planned by the Indian Government. Many are saying that the government has used the loopholes to abolish Article 370. Let’s check out Pakistani Reactions and Tweets on the abolishment of Article 370:

Best Pakistani Reactions On Abolishment Of Article 370:

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1. Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Condemned the Militarisation Of Kashmir.

2. Some Pakistanis Forgot That Jammu & Kashmir Was A Hindu Kingdom. Who can Forget The Exodus Of Kashmiri Pandits?

3. Some Demanded Release Of Hafiz Saeed, An International Terrorist.

4. Some Claimed Removal Of Article 370 To Be Against Islam.

5. Dr. Arif Alvi Knows About The Wishes Of Kashmiris.

6. Some Were Asking About The Whereabouts Of Separatist Leader Yasin Malik? In Tihar Jail.

7. Pakistan Citizens Urged The UN & OIC To Save Kashmiris. But From What? Article 370?

8. 70 Years Of Struggle Lead To This Historic Day. One Country, One Nation.

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9. The Sad Part Is That It Was Always Unilateral Step Taken To Preserve Kashmir.

10. How Can We Forget This?

11. Many Pakistanis Were Furious With Their Media For Not Telecasting The Kashmir Issue.

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