The Indian Government has cleared that Jammu And Kashmir are the most important regions in India’s Pathway to World’s Biggest Economy. Amit Shah has given one of the most iconic speeches in the Lok Sabha before proposing the J&K Reorganisation Bill, 2019. Although the leaders of Congress have termed it as another one from the list of problems of Kashmir.

The Home Minister has strengthened India’s stance towards the valley. Here are the most important points from Amit Shah’s Lok Sabha Speech:

  • POK is a part of Jammu & Kashmir. Will lay down life for it.
  • Don’t need anyone to intervene in J&K. Does Congress want U.N. to intervene?
  • Ladakh wanted to be a Union Territory. Promise fulfilled.
  • The government will ensure that Kashmir remains India’s integral part forever.
  • The House has every right to make laws in J&K.

Here are some problems which will cease to exist or arise after the abolishment of Article 370:

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1. Distrust, Discontent, and Alienation Of Muslims In Valley

This is a no brainer that the BJP Government has not taken the people of the valley and their leaders into confidence before introducing major changes in the political structure of Kashmir. Irrespective of intentions of the government, it will become difficult for them to win the trust and the loyalty of Kashmiris (particularly Muslims). In fact, many educated elders of the valley are disappointed with PM Narendra Modi since he was not able to fulfill all the promises. The Centre blames the State government for not utilizing the funds and many separatists leaders investigated for multiple frauds. As per Amit Shah, in the period 2004-2019, a total of ₹ 2.78k Cr was funded to J&K but hardly anything can be visible at the ground level.

2. Pakistan Will Exploit This Situation

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Experts and political analysts predicted that any major changes to Article 370 will allow the state of Pakistan to use the opportunity to put forward the issue of Kashmir on the international stage. As expected, Pakistan has pledged support from Malaysia and Turkey on the situation in J&K. The biggest problem for Pakistan is that the US wants its own way out from Afghanistan before the elections next year. Donald Trump wants to call back its soldiers from Afghanistan to strengthen his presidential campaign. Due to this, Pakistan is fighting a diplomatic battle on two fronts.

3. Islamisation Of Kashmir

History teaches us that wherever the Muslims are threatened, they turn to violent protests. While the history of Kashmir teaches us that the people of Kashmir are not its indigenous people. The exodus of 1990 are the black days in the history of Kashmir. So the feeling of the patriotism isn’t actually the ‘real’ thing in Kashmir because the indigenous were forced out of Kashmir. More violent clashes might follow the suit after the abolishment of Article 370.

4. India-Pakistan Territorial Issue

India and Pakistan’s territorial issue will remain one of the major problems of Kashmir. Let get this clear that solving the issue of Kashmir will not solve the relationship between India and Pakistan. Pakistan has always used Kashmir to embarrass India on the International stage. While India has been a dear friend to Afghanistan and to the people of Balochistan, this fuels the government of Pakistan. Meanwhile, Pakistan might snatch away the ‘Azaad’ rights of Pak-Occupied-Kashmir due to increasing militarization by India in Kashmir. Pakistan might not want to repeat the same mistake with POK which India committed with Hari Singh.

5. Final Status Of Kashmir Remains In Doubt

Amit Shah in Rajya Sabha has assured the opposition that the Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir might be granted the benefits of ‘State’ if things remain normal in UT. Otherwise, the future of J&K seems uncertain. Also, the government has stressed the fact that the future of Kashmir lies with the abolishment of Article 370.

6. Bringing People Of Kashmir And India Together

Going forward, the biggest challenge and one of the major problems of Kashmiris is the harmony and peace between Kashmiris and Indians. Now, an Indian and a Kashmiri is equal in terms of laws and benefits acquired from the GOI. In most of the cases, a Kashmiri faced alienation in other parts of the country due to the benefits reaped by them from the taxpayers’ money of the country. Now, the establishment of infrastructure projects, as well as investment from private sectors will allow dampening of the issue.

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7. Demonization Of Kashmiri Muslims

Image Courtesy: India Today

The Kashmiri youth have been portrayed as stone pelters and anti-nationals by the Indian media. To an extent, this might be true but there are many educated Kashmiris in the valley who are waiting to be treated equally by the other Indian citizens. So the demonization of Kashmiri youth needs to be to stopped. The same applies to the relationship between Kashmiris and the soldiers deployed in the region. How tough is to to keep the people safe in the night who pelt stones at you in the morning?

We have tried to aggregate the noteworthy problems of Kashmir which deserve our attention. Will they cease to exist another 70 years? Only time can answer that.

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