Article 370 is a history in the Indian Constitution. But the Pakistan government is making sure to aware of its Indian counterpart about its unhappiness of revoking the article. The Pakistan government called for a joint session in which they have condemned India’s unilateral move on Kashmir. Also, Pakistan has cut down trade ties with India. This limited or small scale measures by the Pakistan Government have created a comical series of memes that are termed ‘PKMKB’ memes.

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What Did Pakistan Do After The Abolishment Of Article 370?

  • Pakistan’s government called in for Joint Session on the issue of Kashmir.
  • Pakistan suspends the Samjhauta Express Train service with India.
  • Pakistan Government suspended trade relations with India.

In Video: Imran Khan On Kashmir Issue In Joint Session.

Here are the best #PKMKB memes after Pakistan’s desperate attempt to gain attention:

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1. Enough Time Wasted On Dialogues With Pakistan.

PKMKB Memes on modi and vajpayee

2. Trade Cut Will Hit Pakistan Not India.

Imran Khan Pakistan trade memes

3. A few Days Ago, We Celebrated Fathers’ Day.

Kashmir memes

4. India Is An Idea Of Diversity.

pkmkb memes on pakistan.

5. That Moment When You Introduce India To UN.

Pakistan and UN Memes

6. Imran Khan After Cutting Trade Ties With India.

Imran Khan as David Warner Meme.

7. Munni’s First Reaction To Pakistan.

Bajarangi Bhaijaan PKMKB meme

9. When Pakistan Says Anything About Kashmir. India:

nikal laude meme on PKMKB

10. Imran Khan Visiting Different Nations.

Imran Khan as nana patekar meme.

11. When Someone Says Where Is Pakistan!

When someone says where is pakistan meme

12. When Pakistan Says Kashmir Is Theirs. Kashmiri People:

kashmiri people on pakistan meme

13. Pakistan in 2069:

Time travel meme on pakistan

14. Modi Trolls Mufti.

moofti meme and modi

15. Pakistan Promotes Cross Border Terrorism.

Pakistan promotes cross border terrorism.

16. When The US Think That Pakistan Will Help Them To Resolve Kashmir Issue.

Us think Pakistan will help in Afghanistan issue.

17. Pakistan Still Increasing Their Donkey’s Population To Carry More Loads.

Pakistan space agency meme

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18. Next? POK.

nawaz Sharif meme

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