Sonia Gandhi had given away the reigns of Congress Party to her son Rahul Gandhi on 16 December 2017. But the decision was not fruitful to the Indian National Congress and its allies. The young party chief has faced too many defeats and decided not to continue as the party chief. 20 months on, the party’s leadership has again fallen into the hands of Sonia Gandhi. We have aggregated the best Sonia Gandhi memes after she was unanimously chosen as Congress President yet again.

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The situation is very similar to the year 1998 when Congress was in tatters. The challenges seem similar for the daughter-in-law of Indira Gandhi except for the juggernaut of Narendra Modi. When the news broke out, it wasn’t pleasing for those who were expecting it to be the end of ancestry politics in INC.

Check out the hilarious reactions as Sonia Gandhi returns to power:

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1. That Moment When Congress Appoints Sonia Gandhi As President.

sonia gandhi meme

2. Other Politicians In Party.

sonia gandhi meme

3. Indians Living In Overseas.

sonia gandhi meme

4. Congress Workers To Party President.

Jamyang Tsering Namgyal meme

5. Who Wants To Be Party President? Party Workers:

congress party meme

5. Sonia Gandhi Taking Charge.

6. NDA Voters Right Now:

7. Rahul Gandhi To Other Congress Party Members.

8. Aise Kaise?

9. Indians Seeing The News.

indians looking at congress meme

10. So Other Members Have To Wait Till Next Elections?

parivar vad in congress meme

11. Anushka Sharma Explaining It In Commercial.

anushka sharma meme on sonia gandhi

12. Sonia Gandhi To All Congressis In The Last 4 Years.

congress meme

13. Sonia Gandhi After Being Appointed The President.

sonia gandhi meme

14. Congress To Gandhi Parivar.

gandhi parivar meme

15. Congress Party Needs To Get Priority Right.

article 370 and congress president meme

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