For the first time in the history of India, the government is stressing the need for population control. PM Narendra Modi in his speech on the occasion of 73rd Independence Day asked the nation to follow the policy of small family. Also, the PM added that small family policy contributes to the development of the nation. Though the internet lauded the government’s concern towards the rising population, it also cracked jokes and got flooded with the population explosion memes.

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In Video: India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi On The Need Of Population Control.

Why Does Population Explosion Need To Be Controlled?

  • By 2035, India would overtake China as the world’s most populous nation. The rate of annual population growth in India is 3.5 percent and China it is 2.1 percent.
  • At the present rate of growth, the medical facilities will be difficult to provide, scarcity of food will affect hundreds of thousands and inflation will lead to high expenses in education and housing.
  • Family planning has a link with education, and female edu­cation is directly associated with age at marriage, the general status of women, their fertility and infant mortality rate, and so on.
  • The religiously orthodox and conservative citizens of India are against the use of family planning measures.
  • The growth of the population has a direct impact on the living standards of the people. That’s why India’s per capita income has not risen significantly since Independence.

Check Out These Funniest Population Control Memes On The Internet:

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1. Modiji To Indians.

population explosion memes in india.

2. Those Expressions When PM Says:

population explosion speech reaction memes.

3. When Cadbury Learns That Festive Day Is Over:

population explosion memes on cadbury and durex.

4. The Most Important Population Meme In The Country.

population explosion memes.

5. Population Analysts Be Like:

private school fee meme

6. Indians When Someone Discusses Population Control.

hera pheri meme on population control.

7. When You Thought About Getting More Than Two Kids But…!

indian government population explosion memes.

8. That Moment When Someone Is Trying To Save Earth From Population.

population control memes.

9. PM Narendra Modi In His Red Fort Speech Is Like:

mission managal meme on population explosion.

10. New Born Indian After Looking At World Population.

sacred games season 2 meme on population explosion.

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