In a big blow to India’s neighbor on failing to act on terror funding, Pakistan has been placed in FATF enhanced expedited follow-up list. This has to be one of the biggest failings of Imran Khan’s government. In the light of the speculations of a new set of terror funding in PoK, this decision by FATF’s Asia-Pacific Group will be a huge setback for the terrorist organizations. If Pakistan is not able to comply with 32 of 40 parameters till October then it will be placed in FATF’s overall blacklist. We have aggregated the best memes and jokes on the Internet after the decision.

Why FATF Blacklist Is Worrisome?

The decision to blacklist Pakistan was taken in the Asia Pacific Group meeting in Canberra, Australia. The decision was based upon Pakistan’s progress in five-year on upgrading its systems in areas of financial and insurance services and sectors. Though Pakistan submitted its 27 point action plan, it was not able to get any support in the meeting. These rankings are worrisome for Pakistan since it will worsen the chances of Pakistan acquiring International loans as well as foreign investments. Meanwhile, Pakistan is blaming India for its deteriorating situation on the International stage.

Here are the best memes and jokes after FATF placed Pakistan in Enhanced Blacklist:

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1. Black DP For Blacklisting.

2. Imran Khan Right Now.

3. FATF To Pakistan.

4. Double Blow Pakistan’s Diplomats.

5. Grey List In 2018. Blacklist In 2019?

6. Meanwhile, Some Pakistan Twitter Channels Are Busy Fooling Thier Nation.

7. Optimistic Pakistan Citizens Be Like:

8. Meanwhile International Leaders:

9. Pakistanis Be Like:

10. Too Many Losses In One Picture.

11. FATF To Pakistan In October.

12. Indians Looking At Pakistanis.

13. Ravish Kumar Sums It Up.

14. China The Last Hope.

15. PM Modi Should Concentrate More On The Indian Economy.

16. Former President Of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf.

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