Kunal Kamra is a stand-up comedian who came into the limelight after cracking some hilarious jokes on Narendra Modi and BJP. The stand-up comedian hailing from Mumbai also hosts podcasts on youtube. On Tuesday, Kunal Kamra posted a tweet ‘The letter “P” in “NARENDRA MODI” stands for Peace’ on twitter which received a lot of criticism.

Kunal Kamra has remained highly vocal on social media against the Modi and RSS. In fact, his standup comedy videos on Narendra Modi and BJP has been lauded by the viewers. But things took a turn on Tuesday when Kamra’s tweet comes a day after the ‘warm’ Modi-Trump G7 Summit meeting. There is a state of unrest in Kashmir till all the services are resumed and Kunal Kamra’s tweet on peace doesn’t align with the definition of stabilizing Kashmir.

Check Out These Tweets As Kunal Kamra Gets Trolled On Twitter For His Peace Tweet On PM Narendra Modi:

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1. The Letter ‘P’ In Kunal Kamra.

2. The Letter ‘P’ In Kunal Kamra.

3. The Letter ‘I’ In Kunal Kamra.

4. The Letter ‘C’ In Kunal Kamra.

5. The Letters ‘U’ and ‘N’ in Kunal Kamra:

6. The Letter ‘H’ In Kunal Kamra.

7. When Kunal Kamra Says Anything Against PM Modi. Bhakts:

8. Meanwhile Modiji And Bear Grylls.

9. The Letter ‘B’ In Kunal Kamra.

10. After Kamra’s Stand Up Comedy.

This is not the first time that the witty Kunal Kamra has tried trolling Narendra Modi. Here are some humorous tweets by Kunal Kamra On PM Modi:

1. On Modi’s France Visit.

2. On Job Cuts In Parle-G.

3. On Chidambaram’s Arrest.

4. The National Anthem Controversy.

5. That Modi-Ambani Joke.

6. On BJP’s Economic Strategy.

7. On Media’s Glorious Coverage On PM Modi.

8. When Ravish Kumar Won 2019 Ramon Magsaysay Award.

9. The Zomato Controversy.

10. On Copying Barack Obama.

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