What is that thing that Girl Fakes and Boy Makes? – Orgasm


The Indian Society is a place where diverse cultures and traditions come to meet in a single juncture. Here, society is like an enormous bubble which accommodates others with due respect to their beliefs and faiths. The rise of social media and technology has led us to adopt other cultures. Girls have bagged better benefits of technology since ‘their’ issues are provided lesser bandwidth in Indian society. With the internet in your hands, you could look upon every ‘unspoken’ corner. But has the common Indian girl really come to the fore? Or is she still lurking in the darkness? The survey of Durex suggests that most Indian woman fake orgasm.

In a recent survey on woman orgasm, study suggests that 70% of women in India fake their orgasm every time. This might have shocked the social media but results were conceivable. Indian traditions have always been toe to toe with the laws of nature. On one hand, women may never have an orgasm but could have 20 babies, while men need to have an orgasm to produce sperm. Naturally, society has always given the male’s orgasm, ego, and pleasure more importance than it deserved. But what could have led to 2 out of 3 Indian women to fake it? Here are a few reasons:

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1. To Make Her Man Feel Better

The Indian woman has been the symbol of love, sacrifice, and affection. These attributes have blend in with the new generation ladies. They value their man’s pleasure so that it can foster the relationship. Though this depicts a very one-sided affection in the relationship, the reality can be very disappointing. The same study also says that fifty-six percent of the women are not comfortable talking to their partners about it. So, Indian men can not always be blamed.

2. Women Need Time To Prepare Themselves Psychologically

Sex analysts say that it takes around 15-20 minutes for a female body to warm up and conjure the sexual feelings. This average number comes down to 5 minutes for the men. So in a practical situation, we know how the things will unfold, right? Someone rightly said that it takes the right man to trigger the woman.

3. The Feeling Of Being Judged

Sex has been a topic which remained under the shadows of ‘love’ and ‘marriage’ in Indian society. The outspoken ones are often judged on their upbringing and attitude. In fact, sexual issues are not even discussed in families. So it becomes pretty difficult for a woman to share minute details with her husband or boyfriend. Of course, the idea of getting judged by a person whom you love and respect will be disappointing. But here is the situation where men can raise their hands, right? The discussion should help.

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4. Motivation For Men

What do you do when a child is not able to learn all the alphabets from A-to-Z? You divide the 26 alphabets into sets and help memorize them separately. Many women apply the same logic with orgasms. Many polls suggest that women try to motivate their partner even though they couldn’t attain the pleasure of orgasm. The plan is plain and simple. It’s like when you score ‘B’ grade in exams and the teacher writes ‘can perform better’ in the result remark section. The fake orgasm might help them in the long run.

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5. Girls Are Fake

Someone rightly said that an orgasm is not what girls often fake. The tendency to fake has always been there. A woman can smile in her worst phases, laugh in darkest hours and keep supporting their loved ones when there is no shed of hope. So, why can’t she fake an orgasm?

The issues mentioned above aren’t impossible to solve. But a society which has a history of pampering and respecting ‘natural’ values, might find it burdensome.

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