Friends With Benefits in India is a sensitive term for youth. Nonetheless, the 2011 romantic comedy movie Friends With Benefits has paved the way for many to adopt the relationship in metro cities.

Seema, a 24-year-old working woman from Bengaluru says that the relationship is fruitful till one might get emotionally attached to the other. Some might disagree but last rule from the manual of Friends With Benefits is that you follow the rules strictly. So how is that possible in a land where the emotional attachment is always the first virtue in any connection? Here are a few reasons on why FWB relationship will not work in India:

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Ever wondered if things could have been simpler if we had no expectations? Arun, a 22-year-old software developer hailing from Delhi says that most of his friends had to switch off the relationship since one of the two had developed higher expectations from the other. A wise man said, “If you expect nothing from anybody, you’re never disappointed.” Disappointment will prevail when the other partner is not able to fulfill them. This creates a veil of illusion and confusion among the involved people. What is the purpose of ‘the thing’ if you aren’t extracting benefits? And this falters the connection among the two individuals.

Emotional Attachment

friends with benefits in india

Yes, emotional attachment has to be the biggest reason for Friends With Benefits relationship not working out in India. In a survey conducted by a national magazine on FWB couples, result suggests that 70 percent of the people admitted to being hurt emotionally. Among the seventy percent, 91 percent admitted to wanting more from the relation. Also, 6 percent converted the relationship permanent. This is disappointing but understandable too. Honesty and communication are the most important ingredients for sustaining the relationship. But it has to be Friends With Benefits and not Stranger With Benefits, isn’t?

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Reaping Mutual Benefits

Friends With Benefits is quite different from the Booty Call. In the former, you have a mutual understanding of each other’s needs. It is not a relationship where you do sacrifices and influence decisions. Also, the meaning/source of the benefits shouldn’t be forgotten. If either of people stops extracting the needful, it might become a complication.

Improper Ground Rules

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If you are new to the relationship, then remember that laying strong rules are vital in the long run. The rule book will help you understand each other’s expectations. Ajay from Mumbai says that jealousy and exceeding expectations hampered a lot of FWB relationships in his friend circle. If essentials like sex outside the relationship or expectations are never discussed before then you might be leading to one of the faltered relationships of Ajay’s friend circle. After all, rules allow us to be social beings.

If you are in control, in senses and in need of sex with no strings attached then you’ll find the FWB relationship fruitful. Nobody is going to judge you a nymphomaniac or satyriasis. It is the best stress buster for youth.

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