The 21st century has seen the rise of Indian youth picking their own partners. The prior generation has also approved the need for choosing one’s own life partner. Although, it is a strenuous task to select the perfect one for your own self. India has the lowest amount of divorce percentage in the world but are we too good at staying in unhealthy relations? Here are some signs which would allow you to know if your relationship will last forever:

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Healthy Body Caters Healthy Relationship

Do you and your partner workout or exercise together? Have you thought of taking or joining your partner in the gym? You should, because it allows both of you to maintain a fit body and fit body is key to a healthy relationship. Also, this will help both you to spend quality time together. The senior couples suggest that cooking together after gym helps in bonding too.

Watch Movies And Uplift Social Intimacy

Every person has a different taste in movies. You can’t force your other half to watch a particular genre of movies. But a study has revealed that couple who watch romantic movies together tend to live together longer. Worth watching movies depict real-life incidents where you can discuss and analyze the aftermath. These discussions allow us to know more about the other self’s belief and attitude towards life. Apart from movies, you can pay a visit to many other places like malls, public and social awareness events.

Fix Problems By Compromise

If you ask an elderly couple about their secret to lead a successful relationship, they will ask you to fix problems on a daily basis. Every relationship has flaws. In fact, we the humans are deeply flawed social beings. But you shouldn’t escape away from your problems. The success of perfect relationship lies in the fact that they are temporarily flawed. Either of the duo can compromise and take a step forward towards solving the issue.

Encourage Sexual Intimacy

Cuddling is one of the best verses to uplift sexual intimacy among couples. Resting or sleeping together has huge effects on our daily life. It is important to take a good amount of rest after a workaholic day. So why not use the same period to spend quality time with your partner?

Speak With Freedom

The most important factor in the development of any relationship is the ability of people to speak to each other with honesty and without the fear of being judged. Now, it becomes important for the other person to listen diligently and with utter respect. This allows both the souls to work towards a friendly relationship.

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Equal Roles

The roles of each of the individual become vital in maintaining a peaceful and harmonious environment at home. An imbalance of roles will create a dominion effect of one of the individuals which is never fruitful.

Speak About Your Partner With Others

Are you uncomfortable when someone asks you about your partner? You shouldn’t be. A study reveals that partners who talk more about their other half tend to have much more respect and admiration for their loved one. This shouldn’t allow us to indulge in bragging but rather the actuality and nature of your partner. It shows your satisfaction and content levels at home.


Do you find it difficult to ask your partner for help? If yes, then you are already in jeopardy. Asking for help doesn’t imply scope for weakness but it is the result of faith and trust. Though every human being requires help, it is important not to mistake it with vulnerability.

Sense Of Humor

A good sense of humor persists in a soul which shows creativity, self-acceptance, and ability to laugh in crunch situations. It is important for individuals to possess these qualities to keep up the zeal in romantic life.

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