Man is by nature a social animal.

Aristotle, Politics

Nature is an ideal system of living and non- living things balancing itself. The man and the woman are conjured by nature to live together. Some might disagree but every person, a man or a woman becomes a better person if they are with someone. For girls, it becomes tricky to understand what she looks for in a relationship.

Girl in a relationship crossroad.

One of the major problems faced by couples of the 21st century is their inability to open up to the other person. The situation arises when either of the partners is missing something in the relationship but it not able to convey it to the other. Ever wondered if there was a tool by which you could make your partner open up to you? Imagine if you could know if he or she is expecting something more? Don’t mistake it with rulebook but a list of ingredients which every girl aspires to have in her relationship.

Here are the things which girls look for in a relationship:

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1. Adventurous

adventure in couple relationship

Girls always want to have an adventurous and exciting life but they need someone else to make way for that. An adventure does not always mean about taking her on trekking, mountaineering, skiing or other outdoor stuff. Sometimes it could mean to take her out to date or dinner. Girls like to have a partner who is spontaneous in planning trips which comes as a surprise to her.

2. Loyalty

Girls value loyalty above anything else in a relationship. Loyalty has to be the biggest quality girls look for in a relationship. The meaning of loyalty is interpreted differently by different people. The lines drawn in a relationship might vary from couple to couple. But it is important for both the people to be on the same page. The first step should be defining the boundaries for yourself and then you should let the other person know about it. By doing this, you are not only drawing the line for yourself but giving an indication of what another person should be expecting from you.

3. Humorous

funny couple in relationship.

Girls have a tendency to fall for a boy who is witty, creative and never fails to entertain her. Girls do not want to be the aggressor in a relationship. And this might sometime result in a boring relationship. Therefore, they look for a person who has a good sense of humor. He must be quick to respond and should handle the situations calmly. This makes the relationship exciting because she always has to keep up with him.

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4. Best Friend

Friendship is important in the well being of a healthy relationship. Being a best friend means that you need to be honest, respectful, accepting, trustworthy and non-judgemental. For being a best friend, empathy and understanding play a vital role in deciding the course of the relationship. Friendship will provide a rich valued dimension to the budding relationship.

5. Security

security in couple relationship

The major chunk of security is provided emotionally to a woman. For that, a man has to be confident to radiate the qualities into his partner. Nothing feels more secure to a woman when she feels that her romantic relationship is rock solid. In fact, a human comes into a relationship to gain stability and security in life. Without emotional security, a girl feels unsafe and is uncertain about the future of the relationship. So it becomes utmost important to show your commitment and investment into the relationship.

6. Ambition

Nobody finds a partner comforting who hasn’t got his shit together. In India, it becomes even more important for the man to get employed after graduating from college. Since it becomes difficult for girls to keep pushing their man to get rid of the burden of unemployability.

7. Romanticism

romantic couple in relationship

Without romanticism, a relationship is like a tree without leaves or a river without free-flowing water. Every girl dreams of a guy who will bring her a banquet of flowers, box of chocolates or greeting cards for no reason at all. Also, it becomes important to memorize little details about her from her favorite perfumes to her favorite uncle.

Like these seven points which girls look for in a relationship? Then we would like to see you sharing it with your partner.

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