Mrs. Avasthi from Kanpur, India posted a question on one of the teenage relationship advice forum regarding her 17-year-old daughter. The question goes like this “I think my teenage daughter is in a relationship. How should I talk to her about it?” The same query has been repeatedly asked by a lot of parents. We will cover this part soon on our blog so look for this space for the link. But today, we’ll cover the story from the point of view of teenagers.

Teen Dating can act as a rehearsal for Mature Relationships.

Teenage dating can be a rehearsal of a mature dating life. It is important to dive into the world of dating so that you are prepared for more mature relationships in adult life. Teens learn to develop, communicate and resolve issues with their partner. In this phase, the teen romance may be fickle minded but the richness and happiness acquired by a teen add value to his/her life. The teen feels wanted and important in a phase when things are quickly changing for him/her emotionally and physically. The more relationship advice and help a teen gets, the better future he/she prepares for.

Teenagers usually refer to friends, google and relationship websites for advice when struggling in a relationship. But what if you could share each of those things with your parents? Doesn’t sound good, yeah? Don’t worry because after finishing this article you could be able to talk to your parents about relationship.

The article is divided into two phases. In the first phase, we will discuss the various types of parents and how to initiate the discussion with them.

In the second phase, we will talk about tips after you have initiated the conversation.

Phase 1: Types Of Parents Of Every Teenager.

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1. The ‘Oversharing’ Ones

These types of parents are the ones who ask a lot of questions when you tell them about your relationship or crush. In reality, they want to know everything you went through since they are excited to share their experience with you. Once you tell them, these type of parents might become frequent in asking questions. Unknowingly, they make the situation awkward and creepy. So how to master the situation? You can ask them to stay calm and assure them to share everything in exchange for some space. In this way, you will never hurt them. Instead, they will feel joyous learning that their child trusts them.

2. The ‘Strict’ Ones

talk to your strict parent about relationship
Strict parents are the most difficult ones.

The toughest to handle due to the fact that they are very protective of their child. These type of parents will disapprove everything related to dating and sex. For them, you must be 25+ to start dating. You will require patience and calmness to talk to the ‘strict’ ones. The best way to initiate the conversation is to introduce your boyfriend/girlfriend to your parents as a friend. Invite him/her to your house and let your parents get familiar. Once they are familiar, it might become easy for you to tell them about your relationship.

3. The ‘Don’t Want To Know’ Ones

Some parents have a tendency to run away from topics related to dating and relationships. They are uncomfortable in discussing these topics with their children. They might avoid the topic or try escaping the situation with an excuse. Teenagers think that their parents’ behavior is because they don’t want them to have a relationship. But the reality could be different. So, how to find out? The best way is to confront them about your dating life in a place where they can’t escape. It can be in a car or any other vehicle where you can talk with them without eye contact. You can also take help from your elder/younger brother or sister.

4. The ‘Science’ Ones

Talk to your parents about relationship.
‘Science’ Ones are the most awesome.

This ‘type’ is by far the most awesome parents one can talk discuss the topic of dating and relationship. These parents bring up their whole knowledge and experience about dating with facts & figures. Also, they might go on and explain to you about the sexual component of dating too. Sometimes, it might become awkward for you but with the time you’ll get used to their tips and bits of advice. The only problem the science ones have is that they are emotionally insensitive when a teen is going through a difficult phase.

5. The ‘Cool’ Ones

These type of parents possess the coolest qualities of above-mentioned parents. They are not oversharing with you. They will allow you enough space. These are moderately strict. Their pieces of advice are quite practical and they won’t vex you with it. They don’t possess the encyclopedia of dating like the science ones but definitely worth listening.

There may be other types which would be a combination of already mentioned types. Since now you have learned about your parent type, here are the best tips when you talk to your parents about the relationship:

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Phase 2: Tips To Follow When You Talk To Your Parents About Relationship

  • Make sure that you bring the relationship topic in advance. Parents would not be pleased about your confession if you are five months into it.
  • Remain calm and try to understand everything.
  • Before going to talk, back up your stance with proper facts and reasons.
  • Behave mature enough so that your parents understand that you are gown up for it.
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