Extramarital affairs have become increasingly common in India. An extramarital dating community from France, Gleeden concluded that seven out ten women cheat in India. The survey was conducted over 5 Lakh users in India which come mainly from cities of Bengaluru, Mumbai & Kolkata. Out of the 5 lakh Indian Gleeden users, 20 percent men, and 13 percent, women admitted to cheating on their partners. We will discuss with you the major reasons why women in India cheat on their spouses and best extramarital memes people shared on the Internet:

Five Reasons why women cheat in India:

Lack Of Physical And Emotional Intimacy

The major symptom in most of the affairs committed by women is due to the lack of physical and mental intimacy. Women are sexual creatures and they enjoy the physical act of lovemaking as much as men do. In some cases, women might need sex more than their partner which turns into difficult situations depending upon the appetite. They might go ahead and seek sex outside their relationship. But physical intimacy is not much of a problem compared to a lack of emotional connection. In fact, women feel connected and more valued when they are being remembered or given proper attention.

The Feeling Of Being Alone And Neglected

In most of the affairs, women say that they were fed up of being nanny, maid or mother than a girlfriend or wife. So how do they fill that emotional void of being feeling unwanted? By seeking a person who treats them equally and makes her feel wanted.


There are times when a woman feels betrayed by her spouse. The betrayal can either be financially, physically or any other understanding between the couple which was not satisfied. These types of women seek cheating as a ‘tit for tat’ retaliation. They might not be as secretive about their relationship. Some women expect their partners to meet their every need and fulfill their desires. If he can’t then they move on to a different person who might be able to sustain her given the expectations.


Some women miss the passion of meeting, partying, flirting, dating and forming new relationships. They find it boring and monotonous to live a stable life with their partner. For this type of woman, the extramarital affair seems to be exciting, arousal and a rekindling of the past memories.

Low On Confidence

There are a majority of women who engage in affairs due to childhood trauma, depression, the perspective of being a failure acting as a wife or mother, or severe anxiety. But how is that possible? Because to them, engaging in affairs is a temporary switch off from the life of disappointments and failures.

Here are the best extramarital memes on the Internet:

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Women Cheat In India

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Women Cheat In India

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Women Cheat In India

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extramarital memes

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extramarital memes

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extramarital memes

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extramarital memes

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extramarital memes

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old man affair meme

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section 497 meme

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boyfriend cheating meme

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extramarital affair meme

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tarak mehta meme affair

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reality of extra marital affair

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Women Cheat In India

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Women Cheat In India

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Women Cheat In India

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Women Cheat In India

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Husband Cheat In India

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Women Cheat In India

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21. When Sleep Is Your Affair.

Women Cheat In India

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