Arranged marriage is a union of two individuals where the bride and bridegroom are selected by the different people, generally family members of the individuals. This type of marriage is practiced in many regions of the world but saw a great decline in the 19th and 20th centuries. Nowadays, it is visible only in parts of South Asia. We have aggregated some best reasons why you should have an arranged marriage. Later, you can look at some of the funny arranged marriage memes from the Manch App.

Difference Between Arranged And Forced Marriage

Many people confuse with both marriages. In an arranged marriage, the consent of both the bride and bridegroom is important. But, in forced marriage, the consent of the individuals is not needed.

In Video: When A Girl And A Boy Meet For The First Time During Arranged Marriage Talks.

In the age of online dating apps like Tinder and Happn, arranged marriage sounds traditional and a bit old school. This generation wants to select their own perfect soul mate even if it means to disobey their parents and relatives. India has the lowest divorce rates among all the countries but are we too good to live with our problems or arrange marriages really benefit?

Here Are The Best Reasons Why You Should Think Of Arranged Marriage:

1. Families’ Compatibility

Alright! Let’s compare both the scenarios of love and arranged marriage. In an arranged marriage you will have absolutely no problem in convincing your potential bride/bridegroom’s family. Firstly, the foundation of any arranged marriage is the compatibility of both families. Secondly, the families do a thorough check on each other’s family background. On the other hand, much effort goes into convincing the families in love marriage. In India, marriage is not just a bond between two individuals but a union of two families. We all have seen the 2014 Bollywood movie 2 States, right?

2. Thrill And Excitement

This could be a blessing in disguise for the couple. When you marry a ‘stranger’ in this case, you get to know new things about each other every day. Small habits from getting up in the morning to brushing teeth in the night, you start learning about your partner. Learning each other’s likes and dislikes helps you to fall in love with the other person.

3. Minimal Expectations

The best thing in an arranged marriage is the low expectation levels with which the individuals enter into the relationship. Both individuals make certain adjustments to settle with each other which raises acceptance level. In love marriage, the expectations are usually high due to the fact that you know each other for quite a long time.

4. High Understanding and Tolerance

Couples who have an arranged marriage have high understanding and tolerance levels as compared to others. These individuals are careful with their words and actions. But in love marriage, both the partners take each other for granted.

5. Numerous Choices

People think that there are fewer options when going for an arranged marriage. Thanks to matrimonial websites in India, you can find a compatible match for yourself by sitting at home. Later, the families can go through all their tantrums and rituals in confirming the relationship. This way, it becomes easy for both the individual and the family to select the right person.

Here Are The Hilarious Arranged Marriage Memes:

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1. That Idiot Friend Who Is In Your Wedding To Eat Food.

arranged marriage memes

2. Arranged Marriage Roti Vs Love Marriage Roti.

love marriage vs arrange marriage meme

3. Tough Times Ahead For The Romeo.

girlfriend in arranged marriage meme

4. When Arranged Marriage Turns Into Love Marriage.

When love marriage turns into arranged marriage.

5. Too Many Options.

pandit showing options for marriage.

6. When Your Parents Force You For Arranged Marriage.

parents forcing for arranged meme.

7. No Bro, It’s Called Traditionally Loving Someone.

traditionally fucking someone in arranged marriage.

8. When Your Parents Know Your Romantic Life.

when you want to have love marriage.

9. When Your Parents Don’t Ask You.

parents forcing for arrange marriage.

10. That Moment When “Kisi Aur Ki Barbaadi Apni Jeet Lage.”

arranged marriage memes

11. When She Can’t Promise You.

promise in love marriage meme

12. Whenever You Take The First Step Towards Love Marriage.

arranged marriage memes

13. When There Is Enough Money.

jiju and saala and saali meme

14. Marriage Brokers Right Now.

marriage brokers meme

15. The Arrangement Of Two Broken Persons.

arrangement between two broken persons.

16. When Your Lover Is Ready For Anything.

when you want to marry your crush.

17. Indian Parents Searching For A Bridegroom.

Indian parents searching for matches.

18. Before And After Arranged Marriage.

before and after arranged marriage.

19. Indian Girls Be Like.

arranged marriage memes

20. When The Blame Has To Be Put On Someone.

when you can blame your parents for arranged marriage.

21. Arranged Marriages In India Used To Be Like.

when you see your husband for the first time.

22. When You Are Keeping A Watch On Guests.

marriage function food meme.

23. Virginity Still A Major Issue In India? Don’t Think So.

virgin in arranged marriage meme.

24. That Face When You Don’t Like The Surprise.

surprise party meme.

25. That Holiday Excuse.

girls going for arranged marriage.

26. When You Are Marrying Others’ Girlfriend.

arranged marriage memes

27. That Excited Face.

when you go for arranged marriage.

28. The Rhyming Father.

strict father in arrange marriage.

29. First Nights Of Arranged Marriages.

first night memes

30. When You Are Destined For Arranged Marriage.

chatting when you will have a arranged marriage.

31. That Moment When Two Virgins Get Married.

when two virgins meet in suhaagraat.

32. When You Are Harassed By Random Aunties.

harassed by aunties in party.

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