BFF breakups are notoriously difficult for girls. Therapists suggest that it is tougher than breaking up with your boyfriend. Breaking up with your love affair seems less brutal because then you have a best friend to vent out all the frustration. But staying in a toxic relationship is far worse than being alone. Moreover, with the time, the void heals itself.

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There are tons of reasons for two best friends to split. You might have started it strong but recently, the noxious scent might be plaguing you. We have aggregated the 15 signs when you should say ‘enough’ to your toxic BFF relationship:

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1. You Are Relieved When She Is Absent.

It can be school, college, workplace or any common public meeting place. If you are honest with yourself and feel relieved in her absence then it is not a healthy sign for the relationship. If you are able to experience the burden when she is around you then she is already an unpleasant soul which will turn out to be a more colossal problem in the near future.

2. Owes You A lot Of Money.

When it comes to friends and family, financial needs should meet clear expectations. Although, the first rule should be not to lend money but then what are friends for? Right? If you are one who those people who are constantly lending money to your BFF and getting excuses in return then maybe you should start drawing a line.

3. Calls Only In Need.

If you are a caring person then you must be knowing what it means when your BFF calls you. People call each other when they consider you reliable enough to help them achieve what they need. Unfortunately, some people call their BFF when they want to vent, require something or in a crisis. Although it is a great quality to be remembered by your BFF in his/her moment of crisis, it is equally important to maintain distance from people who exploit you.

4. Always Competing.

Best friends don’t compete rather they are supportive of each other. If your BFF is competing with you then it doesn’t serve the purpose of friendship, right? In this case, most of the people who compete get exhausted. It is important that you don’t reciprocate the behavior of your best friend.

5. The Drama Queen.

Are you getting sucked into the drama of your BFF? These people are dramatic in nature and always need an audience for themselves. They are usually involved in blowing matters out of proportion. If their behavior stresses you out then you do not need to tolerate such people endlessly. You are your very own person with enough stress too.

6. Embarrasses You In Public.

Have you experienced any public humiliation by your BFF? These people like to criticize you when there are enough people to witness it i.e., in front of friend circle or family members. In reality, such people are insecure about themselves and haven’t learned any social skills. If you are experiencing this behavior from your BFF then you should try preventing it before it becomes bullying.

7. Cannot Keep The Word.

Can you really be friends with a person who can’t keep their word? Yes, if your tolerability levels are higher than most of the people. People don’t keep their word or promise only when there is something more important than you or the promise itself. Thus, you can’t really be best friends with someone for too long who keeps you low constantly in their priority levels.

8. Doesn’t Get Along With People You Are Close With.

This is a tricky situation to be in. There are many factors going into this social issue. Your BFF might not be getting along with your boyfriend/girlfriend, your family or your friend circle. The issues might be varying from person to person. But, if he/she is not getting along with all of them, then it might create an imbalance in your life.

10. Rarely Allows You To Speak During Conversation.

Are you the ‘wait’ kind of person in the conversations? If yes then you need to decide your needs out of the conversation because these types of people crave for attention. But just like the other things in life, it is not about the cards we are dealt with but how we play the hand.

11. Discourage You From Your Goals.

BFFs push you to be a better person and achieve the goals defined by you. It is the responsibility of your friend to reveal the feasibility of your goals but a chain of demoralizing revelations might hamper your goals in life.

12. Puts You In Awkward Situation.

Empathy is one of most the most important virtue of friendship. If your BFF is regularly putting you in difficult situations like by ditching you in party or asking for difficult favor, then you should reconsider your friendship.

13. Seldom Happy For You.

Some people show contrasting attitudes during the success and failure of their BFFs. They take extra pleasure in criticizing you in your failures and are not really happy in your success. Maybe, your BFF is jealous of your life, relationship, or anything. But jealousy is the worst kind of setback any relationship could suffer.

14. You Are The Miss Initiative Of The Relationship.

You have to be aware of this sign since many people don’t like to be the driver of their lives. They wait for something to happen or someone to plan things for them. In fact, they are those kinds of people who are happy to follow the directions. There is enough power in being the initiator in your friendship but sometimes it can be mentally or physically draining.

15. You Aren’t Yourself Around Her.

Be it a relationship, family friend or work, toxicity is always draining. A good indicator of your BFF friendship is how it makes you feel about you and your personality. Does your best friend like you in a particular role or do you have to keep pretending to be someone in the friendship? If you’re feeling run down, fed up and worn out then there is a good chance that you have a toxic friend in disguise.

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It can be very difficult to say goodbye to your best friend but you shouldn’t have time in your life for toxic people. Know the signs and put a full stop to it.

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