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Is Tik Tok Harmful To Teenagers

Is Tik Tok Harmful To Indian Teenagers?

Tik Tok is an android/iOS app which is used to make short videos which can be set to music or dialogue. The app has 25 million active users in India and this number is ever increasing. Most popular among teens, the app has garnered 200…

Friends With Benefits

Why Friends With Benefits Is A Total Flop In India?

Friends With Benefits in India is a sensitive term for youth. Nonetheless, the 2011 romantic comedy movie Friends With Benefits has paved the way for many to adopt the relationship in metro cities. Seema, a 24-year-old working woman from Bengaluru says that the relationship is…

Hima Das Is Unstoppable India's New Golden Girl!

Hima Das Is India’s New Golden Girl!

Hima Das has been unstoppable, as she won her 5th gold medal in a short span of 19 days. Hima’s latest gold came on Saturday in Prague where she clocked a season-best time of 52.09 seconds to win the gold in 400m at the Nove…

Tinder Moments

Tinder Moments- Good, Bad And The Hilarious!

Tinder Moments are our collection of hilarious conversations that happened in real between people while they were constantly trying to get a date! People, who have no idea about what tinder is, Its an online Dating App that helps you find singles looking for a…