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funny things every Indian teenager should do

17 Fun Things Every Indian Teenager Should Do

The life of an Indian teenager is a phase of changes. At one moment, you might love watching tennis and the very next, you might be interested in badminton. This change in gears can be seen in food, music, crush, relationship, aspirations and many more….

How to Talk to your parents aout Relationship.

How To Talk To Your Parents About Relationship

Mrs. Avasthi from Kanpur, India posted a question on one of the teenage relationship advice forum regarding her 17-year-old daughter. The question goes like this “I think my teenage daughter is in a relationship. How should I talk to her about it?” The same query…

girl looks for in a relationship

7 Things Girls Look For In A Relationship

Man is by nature a social animal. Aristotle, Politics Nature is an ideal system of living and non- living things balancing itself. The man and the woman are conjured by nature to live together. Some might disagree but every person, a man or a woman…

Relationship Signs Of a Couple.

9 Signs That Your Relationship Will Last Forever

The 21st century has seen the rise of Indian youth picking their own partners. The prior generation has also approved the need for choosing one’s own life partner. Although, it is a strenuous task to select the perfect one for your own self. India has…