Sacred Games is the first original Netflix series of India. Upon the release of the first season on 6th July 2018, the series garnered positive reviews from the critics as well as viewers. The series cast members include stars like Saif Ali Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Radhika Apte and many more. In September 2018, we learned that the series had been renewed for another season. Soon, it was announced that Sacred Games season 2 will be available on Netflix from 15 August 2019. Today, we have aggregated the Best Sacred Games Season 2 Memes.

In Video: Netflix’s Sacred Games Season 2 Trailer.

According to reports, Netflix has allocated an amount of ₹100 crores for 8 episodes. Also, it was learned that the series was shot for more than 110 days in 112 locations in Delhi, Mumbai, Nairobi, Johannesburg, and Cape Town.

Spoiler Warning: Don’t Scroll Ahead If You Haven’t Watched Season 2 of Sacred Games.

Here Are The Best Sacred Games Season 2 Memes:

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1. When Only A Few Hours Were Left.

sacred games season 2 meme

2. Netflix Users.

sacred games season 2 meme

3. When You Try To Take Screenshot For New Meme But Netflix Doesn’t Allow You.

sacred games season 2 meme

4. But This Year You Have The Netflix Subscription.

sacred games memes

5. When Topper Friend Says “Bhai Kuch Nahi Padha.”

sacred games season 2 meme

6. When I And My Squad Attends Physics Lecture.

sacred games season 2 meme

7. Every Time You Ask For Money. Baniya Friend: Parle G……!

sacred games season 2 meme

8. When Shashi Tharoor Starts Speaking.

sacred games season 2 meme

9. When Someone Asks About My Girlfriend.

10. Friends Supporting Like:

11. When You Fall For Her.

12. Memers Right Now.

13. Amazon Prime Be Like:

14. Me To My Netflix Waala Friend.

15. Do You Have Netflix Subscription?

16. Those Without Netflix Subscription.

sacred games 2 memes

17. Backbenchers Are Like:

backbencher memes

18. Chandrayaan 2 Is On!!

nawazuddin siddiqui memes

19. When Crush Asks To Tie A Rakhi. You:

sacred games 2 meme

20. Happiness Is:

sacred games 2 meme

21. CEO Of Netflix After Uploading Sacred Games Season 2.

ceo netflix meme

22. When ” Teri Aaj Koi Aukat Na Ho.”

sacred games 2 memes

23. Reality TV Shows When Announcing Results.

gaitonde memes

24. When You Give Relationship Advice To Your Friend.

sacred games 2 memes

25. Some Fans Felt Disappointed With Sacred Games Season 2.

sacred games season 1 vs season 2

26. Boys To Their Ex:

boys to their ex girlfriend

27. Shah Faesal After Getting Detained At Centaur Hotel.

shah faesal detained meme

28. Relatable?

ganesh and guruji sex meme

29. When Bribe Levels In India Need To Be Taught.

sacred games gaitonde season2 memes.

30. Pados Ki Aunties Be Like:

sacred games surveen chawla season 2 meme

31. My Brain After Studying For 5 Minutes:

studying meme in sacred games season 2

32. Girlfriends Are Too Demanding.

girlfriend memes in sacred games season 2

33. Guruji Turning Into Asaram?

guruji and ganesh gaitonde memes in sacred games season 2

34. Hostelors After Eating Vegetarian Food Every Day.

sacred games 2 memes

35. Barbers Nowadays.

sacred games 2 memes

36. When Backbenchers Rocked.

sacred games 2 meme

37. Sexting Explained.

sacred games 2 meme

38. Arnab Goswami On Prime Time Shows.

sacred game season 2 meme

39. When Dad Asks If Anyone Took Money From His Wallet.

sacred games 2 sartaj meme.

40. Disappointed With 2nd Sacred Games Season? Don’t Worry, You Aren’t Alone.

41. Girlfriends After One Week Of Relationship.

sartaj sacred games 2 meme

42. PUBG Enthusiast Is Like:

guruji meme sacred games 2 meme

43. Following This Parody Account?

gaitonde dank meme in sacred games 2

44. Le Le Chabi……!

Gangs of Wasseypur and Sacred Games season 2 meme.

45. SCs, STs Be Like:

Sacred Games season 2 meme on sc, st reservation.

46. When A Jain Attends A Punjabi Wedding:

47. These People Proved That Gender Doesn’t Matter.

48. She: My Best Friend Helps Me In Biology. Possessive Boyfriend:

49. Honey Be Like.

50. Some Of The Best Ways To Greet People.

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