Facebook, the American online social media website was founded by Mark Zuckerberg and other fellow Harvard College students. It is considered to be among the likes of big 3: Apple, Google, and Amazon. But on Friday night, a worldwide trend came up on Twitter in which people shared their reasons to hate facebook.

How The Trend Started?

The trend started when an app Hashtag RoundUp organized a game in which people have to write creative and funniest tweets on the given topic. From there on, many others picked up the hashtag and vented their frustration on social media giant.

Here Are The Top 20 Tweets From Hashtag ‘And That’s Why I Hate Facebook’:

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1. It Started From Here.

2. For Some, Their Family Members Are On Facebook.

3. Some Are Frustrated With Too Many Friends’ Kid Video.

4. Some Don’t Want Their Neighbours To Know About Their Vacation Spots.

5. Donald Trump Wants To Know Your Location.

6. That Moment When You Are Hungry And Someone Posts A Food Pic.

7. We All Have These Facebook Friends.

8. No! You Explained Enough.

9. That’s Sad.

10. Some Need A Dislike Button.

Others Are Also Reading:

11. That Pestering Mother-In-Law.

12. Some Don’t Want To Be Reminded.

13. Many Hate Receiving Facebook Game request.

14. That Leak.

15. We All Have To See Such Posts.

16. Some Hate Mark Zuckerburg.

17. Can’t See Many Those Who Loved ‘Poke’ Feature.

18. Many Hate Watching Same Posts Again and Again.

19. Fake Quotes And Their Followers.

20. Some Got banned For Posting Meme.

21. Hundred Percent.

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