Top Tweets Of The Week are finally here! This has been a crazy week for Indians due to unexpected turns of events which had their own aroma of humor and surprise! We have them all, from Mumbai rains to the first images of Earth from Chandraayaan, from Virat Kohli’s inspiration to Govinda’s Avatar comedy. You can also watch the live trends on Manch App.

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Here Are The Best Tweets From This Week You Can’t-Miss:

1. Water Rides Are Available For Free In Mumbai! #MumbaiRains.

Another spell of heavy rainfall has brought the financial capital to a standstill.

2. Pakistan’s BAT Operation Foiled By Indian Army!

3. MLA Manjinder S Sirsa Slammed The Bollywood Stars Present In Karan Johar’s Party!

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4. The First Images Of Earth Taken By Chandrayaan 2 Are Pretty Awesome!

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5. Game Recognises Game!

6. Women In Saudi Are Finally Happy!

7. Muslim Women Were All Praises to The Modi Government After the Abolishment Of Triple Talaq.

8. Zomato Controversy.

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9. Govinda Has Made New Revelations About Avatar!

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10. Yeah, You Read It Right! Watch Bear Grylls And P.M Narendra Modi Take A Stroll In The Jungle!

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